'Traces' by Rosa Galindo at Pigment Gallery

Rosa Galindo delivers us into a world that she is able to glimpse when she dives into the interior of the being of things, of people and of existence itself

'Traces' by Rosa Galindo at Pigment Gallery
bonart barcelona - 17/05/24

Pigment Gallery opens on May 22 Trazas, Rosa Galindo's solo exhibition, which can be visited until June 23.

Rosa Galindo (Barcelona, 1962) experiments with the possibilities of different techniques and materials, she usually uses the reverse painting procedure in Plexiglas, which allows her to play with transparencies and opacities. His works are dreamy images that represent an imaginary world. His paintings are an allegory that reflects our presence as individuals in a wonderful imaginary universe. His work reflects a philosophical idea that seeks to understand humanity's place in the world.

As Susana Pardo writes in the text of the exhibition: "The movement is also in the making of the pieces themselves, since the artist works without looking at the effect produced by his work until he turns the methacrylate over and observe the back of his painting that will become the front of the audience. A metaphor for how behind, under the surface, there is a whole world that sustains, the traces of a framework that is the basis of the perceived ultimately, Rosa Galindo gives us in Trazas a world that he is able to glimpse when he dives into the interior of the being of things, of people and of existence itself, and invites the viewer to appreciate the beauty of silence, the essential and the transitory, reminding us of the importance of the footprints we leave in each work we create, which will constitute the impetus for the action that is to come."

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