Terrasse artist Cesc Abad inaugurates 'The lost art of keeping a secret'

Over the years of experimentation, Cesc Abad has developed a special interest in the human being and its effect on nature

Terrasse artist Cesc Abad inaugurates 'The lost art of keeping a secret'
bonart terrace - 03/05/24

The Cultural Factory of Terrassa has inaugurated the exhibition The lost art of keeping a secret by Cesc Gay, an exhibition that can be visited until May 27, a journey through the artistic career of Cesc Abad from his beginnings to the more recent works and it does so in the form of series that gradually unfold throughout rooms 3 and 4. They are large, medium and small format pictorial works and ceramic pieces.

As Mònica Marañón writes, "As part of his work, we must emphasize the importance of the lights and shadows that function as accessories for the protagonists of his paintings, which, like the cycle of day and night, constantly remind us of the delicate harmony that exists in the natural world. Thus, light and shadow, the cave and humanity, are intertwined in an artistic symphony that reflects our own search for meaning. Through the work of Cesc Abad, we transcend the confines of our everyday existence and enter a realm of infinite possibilities. In each brushstroke, Cesc discovers our ability to illuminate the world and find the truth in the midst of darkness."

Terrasse artist Cesc Abad inaugurates 'The lost art of keeping a secret'

As part of the inauguration, issue 199 of the Bonart magazine was presented and a round table was held on forbidden art, with the participation of Rosa Boladeras, Councilor for Culture of the Terrassa City Council, Rosa Rodrigo , director of the Museum of Forbidden Art and Mònica Marañón, art historian.

Cesc Abad

An easel and the date 1989 are the starting point of the artistic career of Cesc Abad from Terrasse, which began with the support of his parents. In the early stages of his career, Cesc Abad experienced his relationship with nature under the influence of the artists of the Catalan landscape school, delving into perspective, light and color. Cesc Abad deploys a whole series of techniques such as sfumatto, impasto and drawing, showing what is called "craft", and where they fit works that reinterpret Renaissance classics with the feeling and hope of the 'current man Abad is immersed in the Catalan and Spanish classics par excellence (Anglada-Camarasa, Mir, Gimeno, Velázquez, Goya, Giorgione, Rembrandt...) as well as the avant-garde painters of the 20th century (Arranz-Bravo, Philip Guston , Bacon, Frank Auerbach, Karel Appel, de Kooning...). And in this whole world of references, he adds a very free and creative patina of acid color, ironic even, almost straight out of a visual novel by the expressionist cartoonist Robert Crumb. F

trained at the Martinez Lozano studio in painting, at the School of Arts and Offices in ceramics, and at the Barcelona Film School in photography, Cesc Abad has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions. Focusing on individual works, Abad made a big leap by exhibiting in Tokyo in 2002 which subsequently led him to show his works throughout Europe, he has also exhibited in Los Angeles and Shanghai. This year he exhibits in Dubai, Seoul, Amsterdam and Sydney.

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