Second edition of The Collector is Present

14 galleries in Barcelona and L'Hospitalet de Llobregat celebrate the second edition of The Collector is Present from May 9 to 11, a program of free artistic activities open to all citizens

Beatriz Olabarrieta, Safetymatch. Cortesía de ethall.
Second edition of The Collector is Present
bonart barcelona - 01/05/24

The Collector is Present is a program of exhibitions, meetings and conversations that highlight the figure of the collector and his collection (personal or institutional), emphasizing his relationship with gallerists and artists, and showing the different ways of to approach the art and the motivations to acquire it. The appointment is the preamble to the celebration of the 10th edition of Barcelona Gallery Weekend.

Gallerists invite collectors to develop a joint proposal in the galleries. The result of this collaboration is an agenda of exhibitions, meetings and conversations around collecting and the different ways to approach art.

The 14 galleries and collectors participating in the second edition of The Collector is Present are ADN Galeria / Berta Caldentey; Bombon Projects / Amira Solh; Chiquita Room / Luis Cerveró; Dilalica / Vicente Matallana (NewArtFoundation); ethall / Gerardo van Waalwijk van Doorn; Escape / Carlos Manzano; Alegría Gallery / Manel Gili; Mayoral / Marc Giró; Pigment Gallery / Ramón Córdoba and Ignacio Martínez; Prats Nogueras Blanchard / Mela Dávila Freire; RocioSantaCruz / Natàlia Chocarro (Vila Casas Foundation); Path / Manuel Expósito; Suburbia Contemporary / Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi, and Uxval Gochez / Marcel Pérez Iserte.

Barcelona Gallery Weekend, a project of the Art Barcelona association that seeks to make visible the work of galleries as spaces that generate culture with free access throughout the year, will celebrate its 10th edition from September 19 to 22.


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