Paula Artés. Submerged energy' at Lo Pati, Terres de l'Ebre Art Centre

The exhibition installed at Lo Pati, Center d'Art de les Terres de l'Ebre, can be visited until May 5

Paula Artés. Submerged energy' at Lo Pati, Terres de l'Ebre Art Centre
bonart tarragona - 01/05/24

Paula Artes Energia submergida presents a photographic triptych that reveals a unique exploration of rock formations, challenging aesthetic conventions and provoking a visceral connection with the viewer.

These images are not simply artistic representations of rock formations; they are visual witnesses of the Castor project, an artificial natural gas reservoir built by the Spanish company Escal UGS, 66.67% owned by ACS, in front of the Montsià and Baix Maestrat coasts, between Catalonia and the Valencian Country.

Artés' extensive photographic research, spanning more than five years, unravels the complex relations of power and control that connect the activity of these giant construction companies with state management.

The treatment of this information makes the works of Paula Artés acquire an intriguing duality: the visually attractive aesthetics contrast with the subsequent revelation of hidden narratives. On the other hand, the photographic projects, imbued with a grainy and vibrant texture, capture spaces that seem suspended in time, devoid of human presence but full of latent meaning.

Artés's photographs force us to adopt a situated gaze, as Doctor of Philosophy and professor Andrea Soto Calderon points out, recognizing that images are not only visual artifacts, but also devices of visibility and invisibility that demand further critical exploration of the limits of photography. The exhibition at Lo Pati is more than a collection of visually appealing images; it is a journey through the intersection between image and power.

Artés' work guides us through the complexity of the relationships between private companies and the State, evidencing the environmental and social impact of the development of the natural gas platform. His photographs are also tools for unraveling the complexity of our reality, raising a deep reflection on the manifestations of power in our society, influencing economic and social practices in a transversal way.

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