Girona celebrates the twelfth edition of International Art Day

The Province of Girona is filled with art and culture with a varied agenda of activities and the II Territorial Days on Art, Health and Wellness

Girona celebrates the twelfth edition of International Art Day
Mariona Salinas girona - 16/04/24

The twelfth edition of the International Day of Art in Girona and the neighboring counties took place with great success last weekend, coinciding with the commemoration of the birth of Leonardo da Vinci. The celebrations, spread from April 12 to April 14, have captivated both residents and visitors from all over the territory, offering a wide variety of activities in which more than thirty artistic organizations have participated.

The starting point was in Figueres on Friday, with the Territorial Days dedicated to contemporary artistic practices, under the motto "Continuous resistance: art, health and well-being". These days emphasized the importance of art as a therapeutic tool, an initiative more relevant than ever, after the psychological impact of the covid-19 pandemic.

During the three days, activities included workshops, open doors to artists' studios, guided tours of galleries and temporary exhibitions, as well as screenings of films and documentaries that explain the lives of influential artists and their impact on the society In particular, the sessions on "Arts in Health" stood out for their ability to integrate artistic disciplines into the healthcare system, offering new perspectives on emotional and physical well-being through art. Characters such as Francesc Tosquelles and the studies on autistic communities by Fernand Deligny were some of the topics discussed, illustrating how art can be essential in therapeutic processes and in the development of care strategies.

In addition, several local projects that directly impact vulnerable communities were presented with the aim of reaffirming the artistic sector's commitment to social care beyond cultural and aesthetic benefits. The involvement of figures such as Raquel Moron and associations such as La Volta and Lo Relacional demonstrate the importance of art as a tool for community cohesion.

International Art Day in Girona not only offered a space for the celebration of art, but also reaffirmed its vital role in promoting health and well-being through creativity and · community collaboration. With this successful edition, the province continues to strengthen its position as a key center of innovation and art.


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