Richard Martin Vidal presents 'Interconnection'

All of Martin's varied compositions contain elements of curvism, as nature is governed by curves that follow the Fibonacci sequence

Richard Martin Vidal presents 'Interconnection'
bonart sant joan de les abbesses - 11/04/24

The artist Richard Martin Vidal will present the INTERCONEXIÓ exhibition at the ART60 Space. The exhibition can be visited from March 16 to May 12, 2024. In this individual exhibition, you can find some of the works of the artist's last years.

This exhibition explores human nature and how each of us, depending on our origins, age and learning throughout life, can interpret different elements in each work.

Among the works presented are A Fez, a finalist in the XLII Sierra de Gredos Painting Prize, or the work Swing Star, selected in the XIV Grupo Lozano Painting Competition, an allegory to cultural diversity, sexual freedom and racial through music, using a borderless metalanguage.

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