The Apel·les Fenosa Museum celebrates the sculptor's 125th birthday with a digital art exhibition

The work of Fenosa, author of the UNESCO Peace Education Prize, dialogues in the exhibition "Atmosferes futures" with pieces by contemporary artists such as Fabiana Barreda, Perejaume, Lugán and Michael Najjar

Perejaume, Pedra, 2022. Escultura de piedra y vídeo de documentación. Escultura 20 x 38 x 22 cm, vídeo sin sonido, 16’05’’
The Apel·les Fenosa Museum celebrates the sculptor's 125th birthday with a digital art exhibition
bonart the vendrell - 26/03/24

On April 20, at the Museu Apel·les Fenosa in El Vendrell (Tarragona), the collective exhibition Atmosferes Futures opens, a curatorial essay by Nekane Aramburu that, for the first time, unites the heritage of the 'sculptor located in his museum with proposals for contemporary art as expansive action and new forms of mediation.

The project is part of the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the birth of Apelles Fenosa (Barcelona, 1899 – Paris, 1988), as well as the 100th anniversary of his first exhibition in Paris at the Galerie Pierre Mercier. At the threshold of the domain of computing and algorithms, visionary proposals survive that posed in previous centuries the human enigmas of the times to come.

Although Fenosa was a creator forged in the classical currents and immersed in the avant-garde circles of Paris since the 20s, his trajectory departed from these stylistic currents to develop a creative system far removed from circuits and fashions. Between dystopia and the intuition of temporal spaces and vortexes that jump from the future to the past and vice versa, it is possible to generate new relational forms from the institution-museum.

This exhibition project covers different rooms of the permanent collection and other dependencies of the headquarters of the Apel·les Fenosa foundation in Vendrell, fostering dialogue between Fenosian work and contemporary artists who also share common visionary concerns: Fabiana Barreda, Anna Dot, Joaquín Jara, Eduardo Kac, Lugan, Michael Najjar, Marina Núñez, Saioa Olmo, Perejaume, Marcel Pey and Mapi Rivera.


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