'Casademont "Le Vieux", a painter of the 20th century' at Canals Art Gallery

Canals Galeria d'Art wants to remember the prominent presence of this Catalan painter in Sant Cugat, where he lived for a few years and where he painted many of his representative works

'Casademont "Le Vieux", a painter of the 20th century' at Canals Art Gallery
bonart sant cugat del vallès - 26/03/24

Canals Galeria d'Art opens on April 2 at 6 p.m. the Casademont exhibition “Le Vieux”, a 20th century painter.

Casademont "Le Vieux" (Barcelona 1923-Girona 2007) was one of the outstanding artists of the 20th century. Internationally recognized and holder of the Cross of Sant Jordi, Chevalier de les Arts, among other distinctions..., he was also a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi. His fame became international after exhibiting in 1953 at the Cercle Artístic de Bordeaux (France). During the period of constant travel, he spent long periods in Paris, often sharing an apartment with fellow painter Xavier Valls.

The exhibition shows paintings that are very representative of his pictorial style. Casademont has a very personal work with an austere palette and very rich in nuances, focused on the landscapes he knew, both here and abroad.

Prominent critics and historians have spoken about his painting, such as the critic Daniel Giralt Miracle "... both in the invoice of his work, one hundred percent identifiable, and in the subject matter, because as a great protagonist we find the landscape, still that theirs are landscapes that escape clichés, to show themselves bare, atmospheric, without any human or animal presence, because they were designed to be contemplated and to cause the viewer to interact with them, savoring that moment of light and chromatic that the painter wanted to emphasize. A challenge that Casademont also took on in some still lifes that, more than descriptions of objects, are plays of colors that determine intimate compositions, in the Morandi spirit, as we can also see here... "

The introduction to the catalog of the present exhibition is in charge of the art critic Anna Tamayo.

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