'Víctor Roig Jardí. Estate' at the Arranz Bravo Foundation

The paintings of Víctor Roig (Barcelona, 1990) seem to emerge from existential anger

'Víctor Roig Jardí. Estate' at the Arranz Bravo Foundation
bonart hospitalet de llobregat - 20/02/24

The Arranz Bravo Foundation opens the Víctor Roig Jardí exhibition on February 22. Statement, which can be visited until April 28. The exhibition brings together a selection of vibrant paintings by Victor Roig. His figures appear as dancing shadows in the anonymity of the forms. With a feverish, fragile and tenacious gesture. A drive that contains a rage, so ours, and so typical of Mediterranean culture, understood as an act of resistance and necessity. It does not precipitate, as in the north, from transcendental plenitude.

Víctor Roig is challenged by the myth of the cave and those false shadows that are projected on the walls and that intoxicate men. He is not attracted to look at the light of truth that Plato advises, but the theatricality of the trap that is represented in the images on the wall. An ethereal plasticity, however indeterminate, false and ambiguous.

Víctor Roig's is a painting that is deliberately born old. He does not live to claim any novelty. It seeks to capture those vital and permanent states that universal culture has created, in a story by Cervantes, in an engraving by Goya, in a verse by Mozart. Avoiding illustration, touched by the poison of painting, Víctor Roig seeks to endow his work with its own and autonomous character, able to contain his most intimate impulses in close dialogue with high painting. This fever is perceived in the metaphysics of the spaces -remember Velázquez or Bacon: two great scenographic painters, no doubt-, in the anonymity of the figures -Goya: the anonymous and universal face-, or in the chromatic approach: murky base , but with sudden and mysterious illuminations.

Víctor Roig is a resister of painting, he works on the margins of our technocratic culture. Someone who, devotedly, animates a craft that cooks at a remote and deep tempo, where the roar of speed and the shine of the pixel do not reach. Deep inside and deep, the spaces rise, the existence becomes entosol, the souls levitate. But in the gesture, they survive.

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