'CurArt' by photographer Tino Soriano at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona

'CurArt' is a photographic report made over the last four decades that pays tribute to professionals in the world of medicine and healthcare

'CurArt' by photographer Tino Soriano at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona
bonart barcelona - 26/01/24

The Lluís Coromina Foundation presents the CurArt exhibition by the photographer Tino Soriano at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona. The exhibition, which opens on January 30 at 10 a.m. at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, has the collaboration of the Lluís Coromina Foundation, which has participated in the co-production, and Bonart Cultural.

CurArt is a collection of images made by Tino Soriano, renowned photographer linked to the Lluís Coromina Foundation. "Healing is an art and so is taking care of health", explains Soriano, and this is exactly what his work conveys, which highlights the art of healing and gives visibility to the effort and perseverance of professionals in the healthcare world . In addition, it is also a portrait of the experiences and situations in various areas of medicine, such as home visits, the work of rural doctors, emergency services, and many other facets that are often invisible.

Started forty years ago at the Barcelona Mental Institute and completed during the Covid health crisis, Soriano's exhibition collects images from various moments in some of the country's health spaces, and gives visibility to situations such as births, deaths or operations in operating theatres, as well as the use of new technologies or the treatment of patients with serious illnesses, among others. CurArt will have can be visited for three months.

Tino Soriano

Awarded by UNESCO, Tino Soriano is a photographer linked to the Lluís Coromina Foundation who has been awarded by the World Health Organization and by the Academy of Medical Sciences of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, among others, thanks to his reports photographs and their divulgative work in the world of health. He has worked as a photographer in dozens of hospitals around the world and has collaborated with various medical entities, with the aim of spontaneously documenting spaces that are difficult for cameras to access. Today, Tino Soriano is working on a project on traditional medicine in several countries with National Geographic, where he has collaborated for more than twenty years.


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