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Pilar Viviente at the Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery

Curated by Paul Cabeza, the exhibition presents six works from the 'Rodetes' series

Pilar Viviente at the Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery
bonart new york - 26/01/24

The teacher and artist Pilar Viviente participates in the International Art Show, which opened on January 18, 2024 at the Montserrat Contemporary Art gallery in New York located at 547 West, 27Th Street, 516.

This exhibition presents works by artists from all over the world who work with Paul Cabezas, who is the curator of the show who for this occasion wants to offer a very eclectic offer, where the free combination of different artistic styles means at the same time not signing in no particular artistic tradition. Viviente presents six works from its series Rodetes which, being made with watercolor paper and micropearl cotton 280 gr, 34 x 34 cm, and which create a spectacular and very colorful mosaic.

It must be said that two of Pilar's works were created in 2024, and they are Monochromatic Wheels in silver tones with metallic reflections, very luminous, which, although they present a single shade, stand out for their chromatic variations, and in which the artist uses both traditional techniques and the new digital art, by combining the digital palette with acrylic brush painting, with very different impastos and brushstrokes in each work. Likewise, the painter exhibits four monochromatic digital reels, which only have one color, in earthy tones, exhibited last August and September at Amazonas Soleil, Flamingo Road Gallery, Bogota and Colombia.

The exhibition can be visited during the usual opening hours of the gallery until January 31, 2024.


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