'That light between mountains', by Albert Gironès in Can Manyé

Albert Gironès is the winner of the first edition of the Ezequiel Torroella Art Biennial which encourages the artistic exploration of young creators with the artistic project entitled "The Miracle of the Sun"

'That light between mountains', by Albert Gironès in Can Manyé
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Can Manyé Espai de Creació opens on January 19 at 7 p.m. That light between mountains, by Albert Gironès. That light between mountains is composed of a chain of three projects that Albert Gironès has been working on over the last six years between Mallorca, Catalonia, Germany, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Definitive Theory (2018-2020), A Rosary of Nonsense (2020-2022) and The Miracle of the Sun (2022-2023).

"In his artistic practice, Albert Gironès delved into the search for images that challenge the cognitive mechanisms of clear immediate recognition: Marian apparitions and UFO sightings, two experiences that have a strong impact on the social imagination and that have made it possible to trace unsubmissive stories, questioning the human logic of reason. They are stories that are picked out of our hands, that help us imagine and conjure parallel realities, proposing other possible ways of life. In many cases, these narratives have become a burst of hope, an escape from what we already know, that we reject and from which, sometimes, we also need to escape in order to experience the lightness of the shadow and the meaningless", write Eva Paià and Marina Ribot Pallicer

"Hypnotized by the Sun, absorbed by a blinding light that melts between the mountains. There is a mystery that hides behind the star, a misty aura that has promoted multiple visions and beliefs throughout history. The Sun is a star magical, untamed, a star that designates the beginning and the end, the clarity and the darkness. It is our reference star, around which we orbit and the one that enables us the light and, consequently, the vision of our environments. This exhibition starts from different optical perceptions mediated by the Sun, experiences that have motivated various speculations and hypotheses, opening an amalgam of narratives", explains Albert Gironès about this work.

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