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The Carulla Foundation opens a new cultural space in Barcelona

The new headquarters will host an exhibition hall of the Museu Terra de l'Espluga de Francolí to generate dialogue and reflection on the sustainability of life in cities, from the heritage and wisdom of the rural world

The Carulla Foundation opens a new cultural space in Barcelona
bonart barcelona - 10/01/24

The Carulla Foundation is opening its own cultural space for the first time in the city of Barcelona, located in the Poblenou district. The foundation's new headquarters is a three-storey building of more than 1,500 square meters, from where a cultural and educational project will be led that aims to open a window to the rural world from the city to promote dialogue and reflection on sustainability in cities, based on the heritage and wisdom of the rural world. From the new headquarters, located at Carrer Almogàvers 214, the other lines of activity of the Carulla Foundation will also develop and grow. On the one hand, a new cultural co-working space will be offered with 20 work tables to host transformative projects. This community will revolve around the Mutare program, the own methodology developed by the foundation to solve social challenges and have a positive impact through culture. There will also be an increase in activity around the different lines of awards and promotion programs of the foundation (Lluís Carulla Award, Baldiri Reixac Awards and Francesc Candel Awards). In this sense, the new space wants to create a community that brings together all this creative, innovative and emerging nerve that, for years, has been working with culture as an engine of social transformation.
The building will also be the headquarters of Editorial Barcino, the publishing label of the Carulla Foundation which works for the recovery and dissemination of Catalan classics, and which throughout 2024 will celebrate the centenary of its creation with different events planned at the new headquarters. Marta Esteve, director of the Carulla Foundation: "We are very excited to start this new stage with our own space that we want to be the home of all the cultural transformers who, like us, work to improve the world through culture and the arts From this space, we want to weave synergies with the most emerging talent and creative actors to collectively address the challenges of the future. We also want to value the knowledge and wisdom of the rural world to reflect on the world in which we want to live. That's why we open this window from the rural world to the city, to create dialogue about sustainability from the heritage and wisdom of the rural world." The building, originally from 1962, is the work of the architect José M. Segarra, author also of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Barcelona.

The Carulla Foundation opens a new cultural space in Barcelona

Terra Museum Sala Barcelona, a window into the rural world The opening of the foundation's new headquarters coincides with the change of name of the Museum of Rural Life , which will be renamed the Terra Museum this January. Sustainable rural culture. For more than 35 years, this space has been working to highlight the rural world, and to emphasize all the wisdom it brings when imagining more sustainable futures. Many official data show how the demographic disconnection with the rural world and the land is total. That is why the Terra Museum proposes to put all the knowledge and heritage it preserves at the service of the collective debate on sustainability and the ways to continue making the planet habitable. With an ethnological collection of more than 5,000 pieces, objects and photographs, as well as temporary exhibitions and a program of educational activities, the Museu Terra a l'Espluga de Francolí becomes a participatory and dynamic cultural center that annually receives around 20,000 visitors and which is now expanding its impact by opening the new exhibition hall in Barcelona, inside the headquarters of the Carulla Foundation. All the exhibitions planned in the Barcelona room will mainly be aimed at schoolchildren from urban areas. The program will be launched in the academic year 24/25, but from February 2024 it will be possible to see a small exhibition that wants to be a first landing in the Poblenou neighborhood, which challenges it from its own rural past. This first exhibition will be curated by Julià Guillamón and the museum's internal team and will be open until June 2024.


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