The Miró Foundation presents its program for the year 2024

The facility premieres '12 woods and 52 miscellaneous pieces' in the archive, a new exhibition with sketches and documents by the artist

© Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona. Foto: Pep Herrero
The Miró Foundation presents its program for the year 2024
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The Joan Miró Foundation has presented its new program for 2024, which includes the return of the Collection from March. The works that will make it up will be presented from a series of areas that will highlight various aspects of Miró's creative process such as land, poetry, material or sign. Two temporary proposals also stand out: Tuan Andrew Nguyen's first solo exhibition in Spain and the exhibition MiróMatisse: beyond images, organized jointly with the Musée Matisse in Nice. On the other hand, from today until March 19, you can visit 12 pieces of wood and 52 different pieces in the archive, an exhibition with sketches and documents made with the Vila Casas Foundation.

After leaving behind a year marked by recovery, with visitor numbers very close to those achieved in 2019, before the covid pandemic, the Joan Miró Foundation begins a new year with its sights set on its 50th anniversary of the artist who will arrive in 2025. In addition, as its director Marko Daniel has explained, it is doing so in better financial health than ever, this year with a budget of around 11 million euros (MEUR).

According to Daniel, this is a step forward in the complete resumption of activity, with a program that focuses on art "as a tool" to activate creativity, to enjoy, generate new knowledge and activate relationships with other individuals and with the world. "Our purpose is to drive this transformative experience for everyone, and we do it with a team with very diverse records," he insisted.

Under this premise, in March 2024, once the 'Miró-Picasso' temporary exhibition that will close this year's season has ended, the Miró Foundation Collection will return to its usual space in the Sert building. It will do so with a very global vision, in which a dialogue will be sought with "architecture and space" as explained by the head of collections, Teresa Montaner.

In this next stage, the works of the exhibition will be presented from a series of areas that will highlight aspects of Joan Miró's creative process. In order to bring the visitor closer to his work, special attention will also be paid to the sources that served as inspiration, which respond to documentary materials of a diverse nature, related to artistic and popular manifestations in the country, but also abroad , which he collected throughout his life.

The Miró Foundation presents its program for the year 2024

Two temporary exhibitions starting in the spring

On the other hand, the temporary rooms of the museum will host a very extensive program, focused on encouraging the collaboration of artists from various cultures and the interconnection between different artistic disciplines. Spring will begin with the first individual exhibition in Spain by the Vietnamese-American creator Tuan Andrew Nguyen (Saigon, 1976), winner of the eighth edition of the Joan Miró Prize.

The exhibition will include some video installations as well as a selection of his sculptures made from bombs and artillery shells used during the Vietnam War. Curated by Martina Millà, it will be open to the public from May 10 to September 24, 2024.

In the autumn, and after having first passed through the Musée Matisse in Nice, the foundation will premiere in collaboration with this cultural facility the exhibition MiróMatisse: beyond images, curated by Rémi Labrusse. The exhibition will question the initial stereotypes, and highlight the similarities and connections between both artists, despite the generational differences and artistic styles. It can be seen from October 24, 2024 to February 9, 2025.

Other artistic proposals

At the same time, the foundation will continue to bet on emerging artists and a new conception of more participatory activities. From the month of February, Espai 13 – which celebrates its forty-fifth anniversary this year – will present the new cycle We will accompany you when it gets dark, curated by Irina Mutt. This cycle was created with the intention of exploring interdependence, explaining and sharing it through four individual exhibitions. This year Alba Mayol, Inari Sandell, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley and Helena Vinent are the chosen ones.

As for the lobby of the Joan Miró Foundation, in 2024 it will host a first exhibition by Oriol Enguany, Can Coriol, showing the unique self-construction of the Can Coriol farmhouse. It will be followed by Joaquim Gomis' El circ de Calder exhibition in Mont-roig del Camp, which will focus on the images that capture the memory of Alexander Calder's visit in 1932.

The work of the archive

Finally, the archive is consolidated as one of the most important axes of the Foundation, in order to become a dynamic space that allows the work of Miró and that of other modern, contemporary and emerging artists to be known. From December 21, 2023 to May 19, 2024, you can visit 12 woodblocks and 52 different pieces, a proposal that puts on the table sketches and preserved documents of the artist of great importance.

The series, mounted jointly with the Vila Casas Foundation, becomes a vivid testimony of Miró's quest to challenge the conventions of painting and explore new artistic dimensions. Due to the fragility of the materials used, only two of the constructions have reached the present day, while a third is only known through photographs.

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