Presentation of the ONÍRICA book at the Valvi Foundation

Presentation of the ONÍRICA book at the Valvi Foundation
bonart girona - 18/12/23

On December 13 at 6:30 p.m., the presentation of the ONÍRICA book took place at the Fundació VALVI in Girona. Visual artist, photographer and author of the book Anna Bahí, Paco Viciana, pianist and composer and Jaume Geli, multidisciplinary artist were present at this event.

During the course of the event, it was possible to view some of the audiovisuals from the show, as well as the photographs from the book and the presence of the lectern created by Jaume Geli (part of the scenography). At the end of this event, the pianist and composer Paco Viciana gave a small piano concert of the ONÍRICA show with the audiovisuals, which could be seen at the premiere.

It must be said that this project has been created with the support of Girona CREA 2023 Grants, Girona City Council as well as the Lluís Coromina Foundation, the Girona Provincial Council and Banyoles City Council. This book has been edited by MMV Mia Masgrau editions.

According to the words of its author, Anna Bahí, "this book deals with the subject of the mythicization of nature as a sacred space through the world of dreams, and it is through this book that the representation of photographic images with an affable and suggestive atmosphere, shown through 108 pages, it wants to pay tribute to a nature delicate, eternal, harmonious, luminous as well as dark and powerful, alive and aware of itself. In this case, nature is shown to us in all its splendor, full full of color, full of strength and with a mystical magic."

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