Fourth edition of By Invitation organized by Círculo Ecuestre

bonart barcelona - 17/12/23

The Círculo Ecuestre organizes, from December 13 to 17, the fourth edition of By Invitation "Cercle International d'Art Modern i Contemporani", at the facilities of the Equestrian Circle. The Círculo Ecuestre is a meeting point for modern and contemporary art, with works by Jaume Plensa, Salvador Dalí, Miquel Barceló, Joan Miró, Antoni Tàpies and Pablo Picasso, and which will include digital art for the first time.

Art galleries are once again participating in By Invitation, a project that Lacalle launched as vice-president of l'Ecuestre three years ago. The building on Carrer Balmes with Diagonal, an architectural jewel, has been emptied to house all the works, with artists such as Tàpies, Plensa, Picasso, Miró, Dalí or Barceló from the galleries Alcolea, Baró, Taché Art Gallery, Carles Teixidó . A digital art exhibition, Art Digital by OFF, has also been organized with them this year, with works that have been seen in museums such as the MOMA in New York.

Fourth edition of By Invitation organized by Círculo Ecuestre

L'Eqüestre inaugurated the exhibition on December 13, with the participation of the mayor of Barcelona, Jaume Collboni. The event began with a dialogue about the Tàpies Year - 2024 - by Inma Prieto, director of the Tàpies Foundation, and Daniel García Andújar. The speakers also spoke with Carlos Durán, founder and director of the Senda Gallery, to assess the figure of the Catalan painter, based on the various events that will be celebrated with a view to the centenary of Tàpies' birth.

What Equestre proposes is unique. It is a private club, with 2,300 members, which is part of a network of entities, also private, in the city of Barcelona. Called colloquially as the G-16, due to the number of associations – sporting, economic or social – it reaches around 25,000 members. All of them are the potential visitors of By Invitation, with the purpose that they feel attracted by art and acquire works that satisfy the buyer's senses and can also be objects of future investment and profitability.

With the perception that has settled in Barcelona in recent years, of a certain decline in the cultural level in the city, the Equestrian wants to break the inertia. If the galleries participate, it means that they receive a huge boost with the exhibition. Art is exhibited, art is discussed, and all this from a forum like Equestre, which for the last four years has wanted to offer more to the city, with debates on the most urgent problems of the Catalan capital and with the will to project more economic ambition.

By Invitation was born in March 2020, from the hand of Enrique Lacalle who, in an altruistic and selfless way, started this path. By Invitation arises to respond to the need to offer the city a unique and exclusive event around the world of art.


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