Albert Serra premieres a musical show at the Temporada Alta Festival

Albert Serra premieres a musical show at the Temporada Alta Festival

Within the programming of the Temporada Alta Festival, on December 2 and 3 the theater show Casares-Camus was held, a love story at the Teatre de Salt and that from January 2 to 21, 2024 can be seen at the Teatre Lliure of Grace Rosa Renom and Jordi Boixaderas put themselves in the shoes of two characters who are the writer Albert Camus and the actress María Casares, and directed by Mario Gas, they voiced the writings of Albert and María, thus explaining what be, truly, a great love story.

On the other hand, from October 26th the show The Bluebird Call of the company Mal Pelo will take place at the Bòlit de la Rambla and the Bòlit del Pou Rodó. María Muñoz and Pep Ramis are a group of shared scenic creation that since 1989 have developed their own artistic language through movement and the creation of dramaturgies that include text, original soundtracks, construction of spaces and unique artefacts. They are, at the same time, a duo and a community. Ric Allsopp, in the publication that Es Baluard made in 2022 in parallel with the exhibition Before Words, talks about Mal Pelo exhibitions as shelters and temporary areas; Carlota Subirós understands company as a territory, as described by Vinciane Despret in her book Viure com les ocells (2022, Arcàdia), as a matter of expression.

The Bluebird Call is a pamphlet that, on the one hand, reflects on the condition of the migrant through John Berger; and, secondly, it collects the experience of more than thirty years of career: what does it mean to dance when the body becomes a space of resistance? What does an artistic career mean and, in this case, what survives of the initial motivations? Where is it viewed from and what language is spoken? What has become of the artistic community - nomadic and multidisciplinary that has always orbited around the company? As for the human team that has participated in this project, they are: María Muñoz and Pep Ramis (idea and concept), Leo Castro (collaboration), Fanny Thollot (sound space), August Vialdomat (Direction and technique), Lluís Martí, Andreu Bramon, Adrià Miserachs (technical team), Mamen Juan-Torres (production) and Eduard Teixidor (communication). These performances will take place until January 28, 2024 and entry is free.

Albert Serra premieres a musical show in Catalonia

As a premiere in Catalonia, on December 6 at 6:00 p.m., Albert Serra presents a particular musical show with artists of his trust supported on stage by the Molforts group, regular authors of Serra's soundtracks and by Ingrid Caven.

There will also be a performance with songs by the legendary German actress and musician Ingrid Caven and the French writer Jean Jacques-Schuchl. According to Serra "I make a risky auteur film because it can go wrong. This is the thing, because always, for example, from the moment you start a film, the actors are read from the script, there are no rehearsals, no I haven't looked at any footage from my films before the shooting is over. I try every time to do something original, to do something that I haven't done before or let's say pose some kind of formal challenge that hasn't been done before, because if , it doesn't have to automatically turn out well."

This year's Temporada Alta Festival will take place until December 10 and will include the theater shows of: Si fa no fa by Jordi Oriol and Indi Gest; Grand finale of the XIII Dramaturgy Tournament; Molforts-Ingrid Caven-Albert Serra; Nodi: of dogs and damned by La Moukhles & Sentís; The antichrist of Fiederich Nietzsche with readings by Pol López and Victòria Szupunberg; Zuvèdra (The Seagull) by Anton Chekov- Jokubas Brazysokt; Mariano Tenconi Blanco's ghost woman; Ceci n'est pas une femme by Alfonso Vilallonga; Jo mai mai, Joan Dausà's 10-year tour; Derecho a pataleta de las Chatis de Montalbán and The Bluebird Call.


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