Premiere of the medium-length documentary 'Intersection' about the career of Eduard Bigas

In the work of Eduard Bigas, the Mediterranean light, the impulsive spirit, the Empordà surrealism of Dalí or Cuixart coexist, in equal parts, with Eastern mythology.

Premiere of the medium-length documentary 'Intersection' about the career of Eduard Bigas
bonart palafrugell - 05/12/23

On December 9 at 7:30 p.m., the Palafrugell Cinema hosts the premiere of Intersection, a medium-length documentary about the artistic career of Eduard Bigas as a painter, produced by Bonart Cultural and Palafrugell Cultura. A work directed by Pol Alvaro with photography by Laia Palomeras and sound design by Bernat Lloret. The feature film features the original music 'Beautiful Solitude' (2022) by Hoshiko Yamane.

Already from his beginnings in the world of art, Bigas showed an innate talent for drawing and painting. During his formative years in Palafrugell, he was closely associated with already established painters in the town such as Josep Martinell, Modest Cuixart, Floreal Radresa, Rodolfo Candelaria and Tano Pisano.

Tom Pugh, art historian and writer, tells us: "Eduard Bigas works with oils, ink, pastels, acrylics, waxes and pencils, often at the same time, in a tireless search to render and reveal even the smallest corners depths of his unique imagination. His paintings rarely feature recognizable figurative elements, although they are often inspired by the human form – the curve of an arm or a shoulder – sometimes open and inviting, sometimes reserved and cautious. Instead, it is actively exploring the exact point at which emotion (or “dream”) blurs engagement with reality (or “life”). Bigas does not expect or want us to understand his work; hope to meet us on a more visceral level. The artist's characteristic ingredients are a delicate control of light and tone, exquisite drawing, attention to color and line, a strong sense of movement and a sense of organic form. His work shows us the tension between what we want and what we have, and our fear that even that doesn't really belong to us.”

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