Foto Colectania Foundation presents 'Albarrán Cabrera, The Indestructible'

Foto Colectania Foundation presents 'Albarrán Cabrera, The Indestructible'
bonart barcelona - 30/11/23

The Foto Colectania Foundation presents, until January 7, 2024, the first Albarrán Cabrera monographic exhibition, L'Indestructible, curated by Irene de Mendoza. This exhibition, which has the main collaboration of the Fundació Banc de Sabadell, shows a selection of more than 90 images from the most relevant series, which the authors have made during almost two decades of photographic work and which are: The Mouth of Krishna, The Indestructible, This is you here, Kairos and Nyx.

The Mouth of Krishna is the core series and the largest work in this exhibition and is inspired by the legend of the god Krishna as a child and tells the story that is a metaphor that serves as the starting point for The Mouth of Krishna, an open series, the result of research into the multiplicity, structure and verisimilitude of the reality we perceive.

The rest of the authors' series have been generated from this one as ramifications of a specific theme that has acquired its own prominence over time. In addition, in the exhibition you can see elements that promote part of the complex production process of the photographs, in which Albarrán Cabrera can spend several days.

A selection of his photo books should be highlighted. This is the first monographic exhibition in our country of the two authors in an art center and brings together a selection of photographs from sources from the artists, the Elvira González Gallery and the Foto Colectania Foundation. Most of the images that can be seen are made with pigments, Japanese paper and gold leaf. Regarding the biographical and professional career of Ángel Albarrán Cabrera and Anna Cabrera, it should be noted that both were born in Seville, as they are an artistic couple who have worked together since 1996. Influenced by both Western and Eastern thinkers and artists, they turn to literature and science to produce a strongly evocative and dreamlike photographic work.

His works are in numerous private collections and institutions such as Hermès, Goetz Collection, The German Bundestag's Art Collection, Banc de Santander and de Nerderlandsche Banck, among others. In addition, they have published several photobooks, among them, Photographic Syntax, The Word's Firt Photobook was Blue (finalist of the Prix Nadal 2021), Pale Blue, Des Oiseaux, Remembering the future (best book award PhotoEspaña 2019) in the national category and winner of the José Lázaro Galdiano 2019 prize and Pequeñas melodías.

The exhibition can be visited until January 7, 2024, and visiting hours at the Foundation are from Wednesday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. On Sundays it is open from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


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