The Museu Picasso Málaga pays tribute to Christine Ruiz-Picasso

The Museu Picasso Málaga pays tribute to Christine Ruiz-Picasso
bonart malaga - 30/10/23

On October 27th, the Museu Picasso Málaga celebrated the central event of its anniversary, the day that marks exactly 20 years since its inauguration, and which has constituted a special recognition of those people and institutions that have played a prominent role in supporting the Museum. Also, at this event, the new name of the auditorium, Christine Ruiz-Picasso, was announced, in honor of the invaluable work of the main promoter of the institution. This event is part of the museum's 20th anniversary celebrations that take place between October 27 and 31 under the motto "20 times Peace" in different parts of the city of Malaga, all with free entry.

The event was attended by Arturo Bernal Bergua, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport of the Junta d'Andalusia, Francisco de la Torre Prados, Mayor of Málaga, José Lebrero, Artistic Director of the Picasso Museum Málaga, and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso , grandson of the artist.

During the event, the focus was placed on the present and future of the museum, which has already become, with nearly nine million visitors and an ever-living program, a benchmark and a valuable incentive for cultural tourism and for the enabling of socio-economic fabrics in Málaga. Emphasis was placed on the future objectives of the museum, among them, continuing to develop digitization and museum innovation projects and continuing with the constant renewal of its permanent collection and the promotion of exhibition events with a high incidence in the contemporary cultural debate. Without forgetting the innovative and influential educational and mediation program capable of attracting and serving a wide variety of audiences, with the aim of becoming a social museum, promoting social cohesion, developing artistic and training initiatives that contribute to reflect the realities of groups at risk of exclusion.

Another of the objectives discussed is to vindicate the values that Picasso reflected in his work throughout his career, thus revisiting his work with a current perspective. In this sense, in the future the museum will continue to work as an actor in the cultural scene of Andalusia and the city of Málaga, while enhancing its international projection and contributing to vindicating the figure of Picasso in the international arena, reinforcing knowledge about his character as an Andalusian artist. In this way, the museum is moving towards greater internationalization, developing lines of training with an international perspective, seminars and conferences on the artist's work and other museum-related debates, and emphasizing research work of the museum and its cross-border collaboration with other museums, universities, institutions and researchers on the artist's work.

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