Kave Gallery, a commitment to improve the dissemination and access to Art

The collection of works of art, made up of 9 artists, will be for sale only and exclusively on the website

Kave Gallery, a commitment to improve the dissemination and access to Art
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Kave Gallery was born with the aim of being an artistic speaker for emerging and established talents at national and international level, and thus reaffirming its commitment to help improve the dissemination and access to Art. This exhibition format, which fuses the physical and digital worlds, will be present from October 24 to 29 at the Kave Home flagship on Avinguda Diagonal in Barcelona.

Kave Gallery is a platform where, in addition to exhibiting and selling artwork, there will be collaboration and support for artists. The brand has formed a community with creators and provided them with a platform to showcase their talent and connect with a global audience.

Kave Gallery, a commitment to improve the dissemination and access to Art

The brand reaffirms its commitment to art and culture through a firm commitment to create bridges, open doors and break down barriers. Kave Home supports events and collaborations that nurture creativity and promote cultural dialogue.

The main purpose is to ensure that the entire Kave Home community has access to these creations, thus elevating space design to another level.

Kave Gallery appreciates diversity in all forms. Working with emerging and established artists with a wide range of styles, techniques and visions is one of the main pillars of the project, along with the ability to reflect the diversity of artistic expression, thus turning each space into a unique and personal canvas.

Kave Gallery, a commitment to improve the dissemination and access to Art

For the launch of the project, Kave Gallery has 9 artists:

Jimmy Millan. Immersed in contemporary art, Jimmy Millán materializes the dispersion and multiplicity of our time in strokes, shadows and volumes. He mainly uses mixed techniques that materialize in collages with a very personal and reflective approach, creating his own and characteristic language.

Bea Aiguabella & Paul Anton. Bea's works are an invitation to contemplation and observation in these immediate times. His creative process is based on the construction of compositions that pursue harmony through simple elements where the materials, all humble, are shown in a raw and sincere way, in this case with the collage technique.

Paul Anton's works explore space and sensory experience through installations. It uses light, shadow, sounds and architecture to invite contemplation and reflection around the relationship between space and experience.

Jordi Traveria The surroundings of the Garrotxa volcanic area and the Vall d'en Bas are elements that inspire and define Jordi Traveria's visual narrative. Nature is the epicenter of the artist's art, letting himself be guided by intuition and expressing this abstract sense of beauty and power in his works.

Albert Madaula Madaula is inspired by the moments of pleasure of the people around her, reflecting it in her canvases. His creativity manifests itself through bright colors and deconstructed forms, reinterpreting the sensual curves of naked bodies, gazes, gestures, architectural elements and their volumes. He gives life to his works with techniques such as acrylic, sprays, stencils, scratches and sands on linen canvases.

Art in the Pozzo. An Italian workshop that combines a passion for art with the tradition of Italian craftsmanship, specializing in the design and production of unique ceramic and porcelain pieces.

Peralta Vidavi is the representation of experience and innovation. It is composed of two unified distinctive elements: Peralta is the symbol of experience and good work in the world of lighting and Vidavi brings design, innovation, transgression and exclusivity to its pieces. Its artisans transcend the limits of conventional lighting, creating exclusive pieces with quality materials. Each of its pieces is designed with fully customized shapes and structures, which allow you to create inspiring, exclusive and unique spaces.

Pascale Zintzen (Oiko Studio). Pascale Zintzen is the founder of Oikos Estudio, a multidisciplinary artist who expresses herself through ceramics, tapestry and painting. It is characterized by slow manufacturing, respecting the time and processes that each piece requires. Her works are deeply inspired by her background in archaeology, the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, folk arts and crafts, nature and ancestral objects made for the home, the oikos of the human being.

Bela Adler Béla Adler is a photographer whose art spans decades and a plethora of genres and muses. His unique work uses emotive language that evokes beauty and drama. Béllà sees creation as a bond and working with women as a choreographed dance of movement that sets the stage for her work.


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