Nina Murashkina, FAD Art Prize

Nina Murashkina, FAD Art Prize
bonart barcelona - 17/10/23

The DHub Auditorium - Disseny Hub Barcelona, has hosted the awarding ceremony of the FAD Art Awards for artistic creation, as part of Barcelona Design Week. The winning works, in addition to all those selected, can be seen until January 7, 2024 at The Best Design of the Year, the FAD exhibition at the DHub – Disseny Hub Barcelona.

The 13th edition of the awards organized by the Association of Artists and Artisans of the FAD (A-FAD) recognize excellence in the conceptual contribution of the works, the quality of the material work, the distinction in the execution of techniques and the recognition of the most contemporary trends in the artistic field. The work that won the grand prize this year is Still waters run deep by the Ukrainian artist established in Catalonia, Nina Murashkina.

Nina Murashkina, FAD Art Prize Pere Ginard, 'Les formes del món'

In addition, the jury awarded two mentions to Pere Ginard and Concha Romeu López de Sagredo. The three prize-winning works, chosen from a selection of 33 pieces, were chosen by members of the format by Stella Rahola Matutes, artist; Sabel Gavaldon, exhibition curator and head of Public Programs at MACBA; Rocío Santa Cruz, director of the RocíoSantaCruz Gallery and Arts Libris; Pere Parramon, writer, teacher and cultural manager; and Begoña Corzo, journalist.

Nina Murashkina, FAD Art Prize Concha Romeu López de Sagredo, 'Ajuar'

Apart from the prizes within the open call, the three FAD Art Recognitions were also awarded by the Board of Directors of the A-FAD to three artists with outstanding careers: Silvia Gubern, Patricia Dauder and Eva Fàbregas.

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