'dime quién eres Yo' brings together the last two decades of Luis Gordillo's creation

'dime quién eres Yo' brings together the last two decades of Luis Gordillo's creation
bonart madrid - 27/09/23

Sala Alcalá 31 of the Community of Madrid presents, until January 14, 2024, dime quién eres Yo , an exhibition that brings together a selection of works that Luis Gordillo has created in the last two decades and that goes through the labyrinth psychic, emotional and artistic of his personality. Curated by Bea Espejo, the exhibition analyzes the artist's most prominent lines of research focusing on painting but giving an important role to photography, collage and drawing, a very characteristic territory where the image in process defines internal configurations that build their work.

dime quién eres Yo is an exercise by the artist to surprise himself in each room and on each floor, designed as an uncertain, but effective way of getting to know and making himself known. "In the last two decades, his way of painting remains the same: the artist is in the painting but not always painting. Gordillo has had a certain aversion to placing himself within a single line, not only in relation to a theoretical or concept question, but rather with a question of character, a way of being and, above all, a way of feeling", he explains Bea Espejo

That of Luis Gordillo, a fundamental artist in Spanish art and a point of reference in the new perspectives of the pictorial image and photographic nature, is one of the fastest, lucid and most curious minds in the context of art. With the agitated and active pulse that transmits the energy of an artist who at the age of 89 is still active and with a clear influence on new generations, Sala Alcalá 31 is organizing the largest retrospective of his work in Madrid from which the Museu Nacional Centro d'Art Reina Sofia dedicated it to him in 2007, the year in which he was awarded the Velázquez Prize for Plastic Arts.

dime quién eres Yo is linked to that exhibition and, for this reason, the tour that is planned begins with the piece that closed that exhibition to then delve into the artistic corpus that has been shaping since then. In this way, the piece that welcomes Sala Alcalá 31 is Chromatic Martyrology (2006), although the closing piece was Tropical Iceberg. This sample works as momentum, like someone who takes two steps back to gain momentum. Like a kind of map that says "I come from there and go here".

Since then, his work has not changed radically, but nuances can be found that differentiate it. "My work has been growing. In the eighties I had a moment of consecration and maturation and this process of change has never stopped. I am not an artist who settles into a way of working and devotes himself to copying itself. It involves a great effort every day because painting, if taken seriously, is a very hard job. With this exhibition, my work is ending," points out Luis Gordillo.


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