25th L'Escala Spring Scholarship. 'Perceptions and drifts' by Rosa Gabriela Chavez

25th L'Escala Spring Scholarship. 'Perceptions and drifts' by Rosa Gabriela Chavez
bonart l'escala - 25/09/23

La Casa del Gavià presents the final exhibition of the work done by Rosa Gabriela Chavez, the result of the work of the 25th Spring 2023 Scholarship of l'Escala. Under the title Perceptions and Drifts, analog photosculptures created during the residency, captured on black and white 35mm film and chemically processed by the artist will be exhibited. In addition, he has created a mural installation based on digital photographs taken during his stay at Castell Carolingi, showing the process of research, production, execution and interaction he developed there. In addition to his copying process in the analog laboratory, experimental video art will also be the central theme of the show.

As he observes, he draws grids directly onto the photographic medium, both literally and metaphorically. Rosa Gabriela is interested in geometric abstraction as a compositional foundation, relating it to the chaotic, organic and social aspects of everyday life.

Rosa Gabriela is a Venezuelan visual artist with indigenous Lache de Boyacá-Colombia ancestry, currently living in Badalona. He studied photography at the Organization Nelson Garrido, with a focus on experimental photography. He has participated in collective and individual exhibitions in different countries (Venezuela, Argentina, the United States, Spain or Mexico). Together, she is executive director and co-founder of El Avispero Art-Venezuela, a non-profit organization focused on cultural exchanges, and of Rosca, a platform specialized in curatorial services, production and artist assistance.

The exhibition can be visited until October 21, 2023.


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