BONART CULTURAL present at the book week in Catalan

David Escamilla, esquerra, ensenyant la portada ilustrada pel Xupet Negre, dreta
BONART CULTURAL present at the book week in Catalan
bonart barcelona - 10/09/23

Bonart cultural has been present at the week of the book in Catalan in the stand of Appec (Associació de Revistes y digitals en Catalan) with its latest issue on sale in paper and also through an event which, led by the col· bonart worker and journalist David Escamilla , served to interview the mural artist, el Xupet Negre , who talked about his career and ended up illustrating some covers of the magazine's 197th edition in a artistic action

Catalan Book Week celebrates its 40th edition this year. It is said quickly, but it has been forty years in which, without exception even with the pandemic, an event that was born with very few resources and which, little by little, has grown to become in the most important event of the book in Catalan, and one of the most important in Catalan culture both for the number of visitors and exhibitors, as well as for its economic and communicative dimensions.

The Week has changed a lot since the first edition. It was born in 1983 organized by the Book Chamber of Catalonia, and is now organized by the Catalan Language Publishers Association, EDITORS.CAT. It was held for the first time in a "stand-shop" at Estació Barcelona Sants, and now it is held in a space of thousands of square meters at Moll de la Fusta in Barcelona with more than 300 exhibitors and the organization of more of 250 activities of all kinds... In between, it has passed through France Station, Ciutadella Park, Avinguda de la Catedral... and even other towns such as Sant Cugat, Lleida, Girona... and even New York.

In this edition there are 242 exhibitors, where to choose and shuffle all kinds of books. Among the exhibitors are 193 publishing houses, 24 bookstores, 1 distributor, 10 universities and 14 institutions from all over the Catalan Countries.

APPEC and Catalan Book Week

is a non-profit organization that brings together the editors of magazines in Catalan of general and specialized information that are distributed and disseminated within the Catalan area.

Founded in 1983, today it has more than 230 magazines and associated digital media. In these years of history it has received important recognitions such as the National Communication Award and the Sant Jordi Cross.

The editor of Esguard magazine, Germà Capdevila, has been its president since 2016. Some of the magazines that are part of it are 440 Clàssica, Cuina, Descobrir, El Petit Sàpiens, El Temps, Enderrock, Esguard paper , L'Avenç, Món Empresarial, Piu Piu, Sàpiens, Serra d'Or, Time Out, Cavall Fort, El Tatano or El Món d'Ahir. In recent years, APPEC has launched campaigns such as 'Be free to read' to combat information manipulation and fake news through the reading of magazines and digital in Catalan; on a route that brings publications to towns without magazine outlets; and has promoted initiatives such as 'You'll like to read in Catalan' to encourage reading with the distribution of publications in waiting rooms. It also organizes the Awards of the Night of the Magazines and the Press in Catalan, in which, for 20 years, the work of communication professionals and publications in the country has been recognized. APPEC and Catalan Book Week APPEC premieres the 'Red Sofa of Magazines' at Catalan Book Week. The APPEC space will be more than ever a point of reading and conversation about magazines. In this edition of La Setmana we are reinventing the association tent with the inauguration of the Red Sofa of the Magazines. A space that will invite reading and which will also be the center of the 13 small-format conversations with the headers as protagonists. From the 8th to the 17th of September we will be at Moll de la Fusta in Barcelona.

Space for magazines to encourage buying and reading

Once again we deploy the iQUIOSC marquee: a large space for magazines where we exhibit the wide catalog of titles in the Catalan language on more than 30 different topics. The only appointment where you can find all the publications and get to know the rich ecosystem of magazines in Catalan. At the marquee, readers will be able to buy copies and subscribe to them with a special promotion. And also get 3 months of digital subscription with the flat rate of magazines.

We premiere the Red Sofa of the Magazines

Those attending the fair who approach the APPEC tent will find themselves at home. This year we will recreate one of the reading spaces par excellence: a sofa for reading and conversing around magazines. The Sofà Vermell de les Revistes will be a space for pause and reading and also the center for small-format conversations with APPEC's own programming.

BONART CULTURAL present at the book week in Catalan El Xupet negre en el moment de fer l'acció tuneig de la revista bonart

A fortnight of activities around magazines

The magazines will be the protagonists of the stages of La Setmana with 2 activities organized by APPEC, 'Curs accelerado de clau d'humor a charge' by Modgi, and another aimed at the family audience with Teatre Cacauet. In addition to the Sofà Vermell de les Revistes, in the marquee, we will organize 13 presentations and conversations in a small committee in charge of the magazines in which various issues will be discussed such as the extreme right and the media, human rights, the link between performing arts and magazines, among others. And it will also be a point of artistic creation with 'A mà alçada' with the illustrator Carme Solé Vendrell, a performative action by Bonart magazine and a family workshop to make a toy with the illustrator Cristina Picazo.


- Accelerated course in magazine editing with Modgi

Magí Garcia (Modgi). Comedy show.

9/09 | 7:30 p.m Scenario 1

- The bunny who wanted gingerbread

Peanut Theater Puppet show and music.

10/09 | 1:15 p.m Family scenario

- Hand in hand with the illustrator Carme Solé Vendrell

Ateneus Magazine With Carme Solé Vendrell and Víctor Porres

09/09 | 12 p.m APPEC Tent

- 75 years of the Declaration of Human Rights. Are they still valid?

Values magazine. Sonia Herrera, Jordi Palou-Loverdos and Jordi Sacristan

09/09 | 6 p.m APPEC Tent

- Bonart: street art. Live action with David Escamilla and the Black Sucker

Bonart Magazine

10/09 | 12 p.m APPEC Tent

- Joana Serra sits on the red sofa of the magazines

Esguard magazine With Germà Capdevila and Joana Serra

10/09 | 6 p.m APPEC Tent

- A new design to pair the world

Serra d'Or magazine. With Quim Noguero, Pau Llop and Eva Comas

11/09 | 12 p.m APPEC Tent

- Argo, living the sea in Catalan

Argo magazine. With Enric Garcia Domingo and Núria Cuevas

12/09 | 5 p.m APPEC Tent

- One hundred years and for many more!

Magazine of Catalonia. With Lluïsa Julià and Enric Pujol

12/09 | 6 p.m APPEC Tent

BONART CULTURAL present at the book week in Catalan El Xupet Negre, també va donar a conèixer el seu llibre retrospectiva

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