Espai Cuixart inaugurates 'Dialogue(s). Eduard Bigas meets Modest Cuixart'.

Espai Cuixart inaugurates 'Dialogue(s). Eduard Bigas meets Modest Cuixart'.
bonart palafrugell - 09/09/23

Espai Cuixart opens on September 9 at 7 p.m. the exhibition Dialogue(s). Eduard Bigas meets Modest Cuixart.

The Cuixart Foundation proposes in this exhibition the reunion between Eduard Bigas and Modest Cuixart, who was a teacher for a young artist. The figure of Cuixart consolidates him and accompanies him in the first decisions he makes. "Dialogue(s)" Eduard Bigas reunites with Modest Cuixart allows the author to meet metaphorically with his teacher, to teach him the journey he lived, the evolution and the opinion twenty years later.

Eduard Bigas is a Catalan painter, born in 1969, in Palafrugell. He currently lives and works in Berlin. Already from his beginnings in the world of art he showed an innate talent for drawing and painting. During his formative years in Palafrugell, he was closely associated with already established painters in the town such as Josep Martinell, Modest Cuixart, Floreal Radresa, Rodolfo Candelaria and Tano Pisano.

From his first solo exhibition in 1990 at the Sala d'Art L'Artística Girona he began to travel driven by an unstoppable impulse to see the world. He spent a few months in Sydney and New York and returned from these residences with several series of drawings inspired by these trips. In 2002 he moved to London, where he showed his work in exhibitions at the Brick Lane Gallery and the Nettie Horn Gallery. Currently, for more than ten years, Berlin has been the center of his artistic and personal life. His latest work has been exhibited in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Venice and Taiwan. All these proposals have emerged after the collaboration between the company Bonart Cultural and the Palafrugell Town Council, where through a driving committee the multiplicity of spaces and works of the figure of Eduard Bigas has been worked on .

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