The Arranz-Bravo Foundation hosts 'Cúmul' by Marc Ávila

The Arranz-Bravo Foundation hosts 'Cúmul' by Marc Ávila
bonart hospitalet de llobregat - 07/09/23

The Arranz-Bravo Foundation opens on September 14 at 8 p.m. the Cúmul exhibition by Marc Ávila, the first individual institutional exhibition of this photographer. The exhibition can be visited until November 12, 2023.

Marc Ávila Català 's work delves into post-industrial landscapes, of which he is interested in capturing the most singular and symbolic accidents, from a tragic and existential perspective. Following in the wake of creators like Andrei Tarkovski or Anselm Kieffer , Marc Ávila's photographic work is populated by abandoned antennas, disused farms, rusted machinery, failed industrial structures, which remain on the foundations of nature, as if they were prehistoric votive monuments of worship. Marc Ávila is interested in grasping human existence in depth, which is not an enchanted paradise, but a dimension, rather tragic, where gloomy loneliness reigns, and a disconnection with our ancestral natural habitat. Existence and nature are thus intimately linked in his work.

The work of Marc Ávila with a totemic natural look, but captured from a renewed photographic eye. He is attracted by the physical and symbolic dimension of the industrial totem, but even more so by the residual and cumulative imprint of abandonment. Hence the interest in juxtaposing a few works in the exhibition of totemic size with a large constellation of industrial photographs of tiny size, which focus attention on the essence of the conceptual message that Marc Ávila wants to convey to us through his photographic work: the symbolic power of the cluster, of the pile, of accumulated abandonment.

Marc Ávila Català (Barcelona, 1992) has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona (2019) and a master's degree in Contemporary Cinema and Audiovisual Studies from the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. (2021). His work has been exhibited at Untitled'19 at the University of Barcelona (2019), at the Muxart foundation, Espai d'art i creation contemporania (2017), Les Boutographies – Recontres photographiques de Montpellier- (2021), La Fundacio Vila Casas (2023) and awarded in international exhibitions and competitions such as Revela't 20 – International Festival of Contemporary Analog Photography (2020) and Tokyo International Foto Award (2021).


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