Quart undertakes to reopen the Museu de la Terrissa, two and a half years later

Quart undertakes to reopen the Museu de la Terrissa, two and a half years later
bonart quart - 17/05/23

The Association of Potters of Quart obtains the commitment of all the mayors for the re-opening of the Museu de la Terrissa. The candidates have signed a document, without legal binding, which defends the need to open the museum immediately, and which looks for formulas to avoid future closures.

Quart City Council closed the doors of the Terrissa Museum in December 2020. Since then, the Quart Potters Association, which currently has more than 40 members, has met several times with members of the government local without achieving any kind of real rapprochement between the two parties. As a result of these meetings, the Association of Potters would look for the ideal formula and present a proposal for the shared management of this museum. The collaboration of Bonart Cultural has been key in bringing the controversial situation of the museum to the media.

Throughout these years, the Museu de la Terrissa, owned by Quart City Council, has hosted activities organized by the council that have put the century-old ceramic pieces at risk. In addition, the municipal government planned to convert the facilities into municipal facilities such as a library, a bar and a civic center.

Last Thursday, May 18, the necessary points were agreed upon to draw up a commitment document, which, despite being signed, future municipal governments can breach without legal repercussions. It is necessary to wait for the formation of the new government of Quart, to be able to start working for the rapid opening of the Terrissa Museum and to specify the shared and complex management of this municipal museum space, which is currently closed.


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