Jaime Palmera's photographic abstractions and light sculptures

Jaime Palmera. Pantheon 5, 2015
Jaime Palmera's photographic abstractions and light sculptures
bonart barcelona - 14/03/23

Born in Bogota, Colombia, 1975, Jaime Palmera studied Architecture at the University of the Andes in Bogota, and at the Catholic University of America in Washington DC where he lived and was an architect for 13 years. In 2009 he began traveling the world extensively in pursuit of his lifelong passion for photography, and after living in Hawaii, Los Angeles, NYC and Miami, he returned to school in 2022 to pursue a Masters in Furniture Design at Elisava, in Barcelona where he now resides.

Artist and designer, Palmera freely manipulates form and light as the subjects of his photographic and sculptural explorations. Attracted by the intangible passage of light on the tangible and how this transforms the perception of the subject, with photography Jaime Palmera plays with light, form, movement and time, turning his camera into a brush with which he goes deep in surprising and unexpected photographic abstractions of contours, colors and textures.

According to the artist "these transformations offer our psyche unexpected sensory explorations that excite our conventional perceptions and connections with dreamlike spectra."


His explorations with light sculptures were born from the desire to return photography to the three-dimensional plane. Project the image in the air through the light. "I wanted to transport my process to occupy the three dimensions and now introduce the light source as a tangible subject that I manipulate to my liking to interact with the materiality. In front of a sculpture the observer is now the protagonist, who owns time and movement, circulates around the subject discovering these unexpected abstractions, contours and colors", explains Jaime Palmera

Jaime Palmera's photographic abstractions and light sculptures Jaime Palmera. Sunset, 2022

His latest light sculptures are the result of an exploration that multiplies elements through reflections and translights creating unexpected effects of a geometric composition. Sunset (Evening), Sundown (Sunset) and Dusk (Darkness), are caresses of light that shyly rub the colors of the sky at the end of the day.

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