The MUHBA opens a new stage as the Museum of Citizenship and a new Bon Pastor centre

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The MUHBA opens a new stage as the Museum of Citizenship and a new Bon Pastor centre
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The MUHBA inaugurates on March 11 the museum space and neighborhood equipment of the Cheap Houses in the district of Sant Andreu - MUHBA Bon Pastor, "a mirror of the history of citizenship", reported this Friday the deputy mayor of Culture, Education, Science and Community, Jordi Martí.

The new facility, made up of 16 houses between Carrer de Barnola, Tàrrega, Bellmunt and Claramunt, aims to reflect the historical memory of housing in Barcelona during the 20th century, in collaboration with the MUHBA, the district of Sant Andreu and the active involvement of citizens.

In this way, the MUHBA also inaugurates a new stage as the Museum of Citizenship, a conceptual and organizational change of the museum in the framework of the 80th anniversary. Among the scheduled events, the inaugurations of eight MUHBA headquarters stand out, seven of which have been renovated or expanded and one, the Bon Pastor MUHBA, is new and is set up as the city's housing museum. The MUHBA Padellàs will become the new House of Barcelona's history and the Barcelona Flashback exhibitions will be inaugurated, a historical synthesis and urbanist Domènech i Montaner.


On the occasion of its 80th anniversary, the museum will open a series of strategic exhibitions to rethink the city, such as those related to water and the environment, to housing and neighbourhoods, to the wide world of work, to the mobility In Padellàs, the 'Barcelona Flashback, a historical synthesis' and Domènech i Montaner urbanist exhibitions are inaugurated, as part of the Year of Domènech. Roca has remarked that this is one of the "stars" of the 2023 schedule.

Temporary exhibitions also include the Rubió i Tudurí and Collserola shows at the MUHBA Vil·la Joana; 'MUHBA 80 years, history of the history museum', at the MUHBA Padellàs; Moving Barcelona, from Cerdà to the 21st century (phase I) at Saló del Tinell.


The MUHBA Padellàs will become a 'meeting point' to explain the history of the city, analyze the present and imagine the future. The articulating nucleus of the museum has the synthesis exhibition 'Barcelona flashback, an urban synthesis'. On the ground floor there will be the agora museum, designed as an open public space for information about the city to promote new ways of getting to know it, and the school museum. On the first and second floors the exhibition of interrogative synthesis about the city. The Research, Documentation and Debate Center will be located on the upper floor.

The new museum space, MUHBA Bon Pastor, created in collaboration with the neighbors of Bon Pastor and also of Baró de Viver, shows the challenge of housing in Barcelona in the 20th century and its evolution through the restored space of four cheap houses in one of the first estates in the city. The exhibition Accommodating the majorities. Barcelona, 1860-2010 shows how housing has been a constant challenge in the contemporary city.

Among the renovated spaces are the MUHBA Barcino, MUHBA Palau Major, MUHBA Santa Caterina, MUHBA Fabra i Coats, MUHBA Casa de l'aigua, MUHBA Turó de la Rovira and the MUHBA Collections Centre.

Historiographic renewal

Throughout the year, the MUHBA will present a complete program of historiographical renewal, with a historical Atlas of the city and more than 15 publications of new research on the key themes of Barcelona's history, which contribute to reflection on time present

Center for Research, Documentation and Debate

The MUHBA Research and Debate Centre, launched in 2008, will become the Research, Documentation and Debate Center from 2023, Roca pointed out. More than a center, it is a program of the museum, because it has no staff, apart from the minimum team to organize its activity as an intellectual meeting point, which over the years has consolidated a program of lines of research that nurture the museum's objectives.

EMYA Awards 2023

In May, between days 3 and 6, the MUHBA will host the EMYA 2023 Awards (European Museum Forum and Council of Europe, often considered the "Nobel" of museums, with the assistance of more than thirty European delegations The MUHBA thus fulfills the role of "urban ambassador" near ICOM and other metropolises.

To questions from journalists, Martí stated that all these changes and developments coincide with the end of the mandate prior to the municipal elections. But he has assured that all this comes from afar. He argued that "investments always have a process that begins with the idea, the allocation of money, the assignment of the project and an execution phase". They also wanted it to coincide now with the 80th anniversary of the MUHBA.

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