"Cose que fan crack" by Pere Llobera at the Free Arts Centre

"Cose que fan crack" by Pere Llobera at the Free Arts Centre
bonart barcelona - 23/01/23

From January 26 to March 5, the Free Arts Center of Barcelona hosts the new exhibition of the painter and sculptor Pere Llobera: Coses que fan crack. An installation that combines ceramic and pictorial pieces related to the concepts of collapse and disruption.

The artist's first mostly sculptural show is a twisted tribute to the 1980s. A moment he conceives as the possible beginning of the decline of the modern world, marked by the start of the dizzying technological development that began to shape the future we live in today.

"In his Dictionary of the Khazars, Milorad Pavic says that there are two futures: a false one and a true one and that, if we want to walk towards the right, we must do so in the direction of our fears", comments Llobera. "Could it be that we all took the easy way out around the '80s?" asks the artist. "That we would not have walked in the direction of our fears and, therefore, we were experiencing an uncertain future?".

Installed in controversial locations of the Joan Brossa Foundation's Center for Liberal Arts, the exhibited pieces seek discomfort, reflection and decision-making on the part of the visitor.


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