The Marlborough Gallery reviews five decades of Riera i Aragó's history

The Marlborough Gallery reviews five decades of Riera i Aragó's history
bonart barcelona - 22/01/23

On January 26, the Marlborough Gallery opens the exhibition The Beautiful Journey, an essential journey that celebrates the fifty years of Riera and Aragon's history. The exhibition can be visited until March 25.

As a result of a total vocation, to which was added a difficult personal situation caused by the political circumstances experienced fifty years ago, Josep Maria Riera i Aragó created the works that would make up his first exhibition in 1973, when he had 18 years Today, five decades later, we celebrate the beginning of this journey with a very special exhibition that brings together a set of works that the artist, for various reasons, has kept throughout his 50-year career.

The beautiful journey covers five decades, where we will find the different materials, techniques and supports that Riera i Aragó has used to create his planes, submarines and different artifacts. Although the reference to the machine seems to be the protagonist, these figures really go much further, as Vicenç Altaió points out in the catalog text:

"I like when Riera i Aragó explains that the pair of technological artifacts comes from the schematic sign of a man and a woman placed horizontally. From standing to the lying body and its soul transformation. The artist started thus his work creating an iconicity of figurative signs, are schematic drawings until through reduction and personalization the plane, a body that rises, becomes the first letter of the alphabet.”


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