More than 80 activities in the 2nd edition of Art Week in Catalonia

More than 80 activities in the 2nd edition of Art Week in Catalonia
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From the 17th to the 25th of November, the second edition of Art Week in Catalonia will be held, which this year offers more than 80 activities throughout Catalonia and is organized by Galeries d'Art de Catalunya (GAC).

The three main objectives of Art Week in Catalonia are to bring the visual arts closer to all people, to promote collaboration between art galleries and the museums and art centers of Catalonia - whether of a private or public nature – and, at the same time, promote a transversal and participative event that becomes the great Art Festival that the country needs.

The more than 80 activities that make up the program of Art Week in Catalonia have been designed and organized expressly for this event. Galeries d'Art de Catalunya has acted as agent promoting the initiative, which has been joined by 33 museums, foundations and organizations and 21 galleries. According to the organization, the initiative is a determined bet to claim coexistence, collaboration and the sum of efforts of all the agents and operators who participate in the visual arts sector: the galleries; the museums, foundations and art centers, in addition to the artists themselves, critics, curators and promoters.

More than 80 activities in the 2nd edition of Art Week in Catalonia

The program of Art Week in Catalonia is structured in different activities: openings, performances, workshops, walking routes, routes on the art bus, guided tours, book presentations, talks and even concerts and dance shows. The audiences to which it is addressed are plural and heterogeneous, according to the different proposals: on the one hand, there are those interested in art and the art market. There are also other publics who consume culture, but are not so well versed in the visual arts. And, at the same time, there are segments of the population that do not usually participate in the circuits and proposals of the sector, to whom activities of a more liquid and transversal nature are addressed, with the aim of building bridges and bringing sensitivities closer together. The program also includes family workshops and children's activities, with the aim of spreading the values of art and creation among the rascal.

Exhibitions Unexpected visits

For this second edition, two exhibitions have been scheduled in museums (the Empordà and the Cerdanyola), prepared for the occasion, under the title of Unexpected Visits and which have been curated, in both cases, by Montse Frisach The aim of this proposal is to encourage dialogue between works invited to museums, from the holdings of Catalan art galleries.

On the other hand, another of the proposals designed for Art Week and which have an innovative and ground-breaking character are the bus art routes. These are circuits between different galleries, museums, foundations and art centers, where the participants visit between two and three spaces on the same bus route. Accompanied by a specialized guide, and with a maximum of twenty attendees, the routes bring together proposals connected to each other, but from heterogeneous universes. In summary, a total of five routes have been scheduled.

Apart from these experiences, the program of the Week of Art includes proposals of varied style, from the most conventional to the innovative and that surpass the usual public of the visual arts for Thursday 17 and Friday 18.

In addition, the schedule of activities includes a concert by Ivan Puñal at the Pigment Gallery; a contemporary dance show based on the work of Antoni Clavé at the Jordi Pascual Gallery, a performance by the artist Maria Corte at the Gothsland Gallery; three workshops for families (at the Espai Cavallers Gallery, the Raset Museum and the Artists' Vineyard); two children's activities (in the A|34 and Atelier galleries) and three others with different experiences (on smells, writing and drawing); three visits to artists' studios (Casa Aymat and those of Neus Colet and Sergi Barnils) and many others.

For her part, the president of the Art Galleries of Catalonia, Mònica Ramon, emphasized that "the proposals of the Week of Art in Catalonia make it possible to make visible the determining role that the visual arts play in the cultural ecosystem of Catalonia". Ramon added that "the determined collaboration of the public and private sectors in Art Week is also an example of the sum of efforts for the benefit of the visual arts and their creators, as well as culture in general" .

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