"Writing the earth" by Jaume Geli aa Fundació Privada Espai Guinovart

"Writing the earth" by Jaume Geli aa Fundació Privada Espai Guinovart
bonart agramunt - 09/11/22

Since last November 6, you can visit the temporary exhibition of Jaume Geli and Julbe (Banyoles, 1967) Writing the Earth at the Espai Guinovart Private Foundation in Agramunt. According to Glòria Bosch, this exhibition "wants to approach a place through its speech halfway between archeology and anthropology" and adds that "Jaume Geli wants to approach some dilapidated country houses, in the metaphor itself in an instant, what we live in, in which the stones, like the lexicon, are in danger of being swallowed by the ground from which they came".

Jaume Geli specialized in painting at the age of fifteen, he attended the workshops of Joan de Palau and Esteve Juncà, among others. Then, he studied at the BBAA Faculty of Sant Jordi at the University of Barcelona. This has given him skills in painting, mural painting, sculpture, engraving, illustration, poster design, etc... He has exhibited at the Darder Museum in Banyoles, at the La Mercè Cultural Center in Girona, at the Sala Municipal El Tint in Banyoles, at the Fundació Valvi de Girona, among other institutions.

This exhibition can be visited until February 26, 2023.

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