Estampa celebrates its 30th anniversary from October 13 to 16

Estampa celebrates its 30th anniversary from October 13 to 16
bonart madrid - 10/10/22

The Estampa fair celebrates its 30th anniversary from October 13 to 16 in Hall 5 of the IFEMA MADRID fairgrounds. A commemorative edition with the participation of more than 100 contemporary art galleries, with works by nearly a thousand national and international artists. This call, consolidated as the great autumn appointment of the art market in Spain and a reference for gallerism and collecting in our country, has on this occasion the intervention of Jordi Teixidor and José María Yturralde as artists guests

With a remarkable growth in the number of applications that opt for a stand at the fair, the 30th anniversary has the main galleries of the national gallery scene, incorporating up to twenty new projects created in Spain in the last years, which show the most vibrant transformations and evolution of the Spanish market. In accordance with the vocation of the fair to be the benchmark for contemporary art in Spain, the main galleries of the country make up the General Program, among which we must mention such outstanding names as Juana de Aizpuru (Madrid), Moisés Pérez de Albéniz (Madrid), Cayón (Madrid/Menorca/Manila), José de la Mano (Madrid), NF/Nieves Fernández (Madrid), Máx Estrella (Madrid), Fernando Pradilla (Madrid), Mayoral (Barcelona), Juan Silió (Santander), Zielinsky (Barcelona), Leyendecker (Tenerife), Álvaro Alcázar (Madrid), ArtNueve (Murcia), Rafael Pérez Hernando (Madrid), ATM (Gijón), F2 (Madrid), T20 (Murcia) and Espacio Valverde ( Madrid).

Likewise, the General Program strengthens and incorporates state-of-the-art galleries such as Yusto/Giner (Madrid/Marbella), VETA (Madrid), Arniches26 (Madrid), Cerquone (Caracas/Madrid), Swinton Gallery (Madrid), La Causa ( Madrid), Herrero de Tejada (Madrid), Artizar (Tenerife), La Bibi Gallery (Palma de Mallorca), Tuesday to Friday (Valencia), WeCollect (Madrid) or 3 Punts (Barcelona). The participation of galleries dedicated to photography such as Blanca Berlin (Madrid), Valid Foto (Barcelona), Cámara Oscura (Madrid), Bernal Espacio (Madrid) or A Pick Gallery (Turin, Italy) is also noteworthy.

The section curated by Alicia Ventura is attended by Ponce + Robles (Madrid), Senda (Barcelona), Rosa Santos (Valencia/Madrid), Jorge López (Valencia), Marta Cervera (Madrid) and Rocío Santa Cruz (Barcelona).

On the other hand, Jordi Teixidor and José María Yturralde, as guest artists, present individual works specifically made for the fair and whose theme focuses on their relationship with music and sound. This commemorative program of the 30th anniversary of Estampa is established from the analysis and study of the references, interests, influences and acoustic, scientific and musical contributions that the composer and musicologist Miguel Álvarez Fernández makes on the work of guest artists, to gather their results in a commemorative album with all the documentation that arose from the studio and an edition of these sounds on a limited edition vinyl disc for collectors.


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