A new look at the Vila Casas Foundation's painting collection, which has a new deputy art director, Bernat Puigdollers

A new look at the Vila Casas Foundation's painting collection, which has a new deputy art director, Bernat Puigdollers
bonart barcelona - 22/09/22

The permanent rooms of the Can Framis Museum present, under the title Monologue, dialogue and concept , a new look at the Vila Casas Foundation's painting collection. Through a wide and heterogeneous selection, outstanding samples of Catalan painting from the middle of the 20th century to the present are collected, with works by artists of value such as Antoni Clavé, Amèlia Riera, Niebla, Vilató, Jo Milne, Jordi Fulla, Mar Arza, Mario Pasqualotto or Sabine Finkenauer.

Antoni Vila Casas wanted to make a change to the painting collection and yesterday evening, in a private event, he presented the reorganization of the most substantial collection since the museum opened in 2009. During act also presented the new deputy art director of Fundació Vila Casas, Bernat Puigdollers (Barcelona, 1991), one of the most active art historians of the last generations in the study of post-war Catalan art. His work will be focused on the foundation's permanent collections. Antoni Vila Casas assures that he has renovated, together with Puigdollers, "about 70%" of the permanent collection and that it brings to light works that he has bought in recent years and that he had not exhibited.

The selection, which will be renewed and complemented periodically, creates dialogues between works that share formal or conceptual affinities, with the aim of tracing connections between artists of different trends and generations. At the same time, special emphasis is placed on the creation of new monographic rooms dedicated to some of the artists best represented in the foundation's painting collections, such as Antoni Llena, Ràfols Casamada, Jaume Plensa, Frederic Amat, Joan Pere Viladecans, Perejaume, Luis Claramunt, Vicenç Viaplana... Some of them recently recovered and defended through the programming of temporary exhibitions.

Of note is the comprehensive reorganization of the hall, currently presided over by a selection of works by Josep Guinovart and the incorporation into the exhibition discourse of a good number of works that have recently become part of the collection: paintings by Joan Ponç , Antoni Tàpies, Josep Guinovart, Daniel Enkaoua, as well as the work awarded in the last painting prize, by Rafael G. Bianchi.

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