Unlearn systems, distribute horizontally

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Unlearn systems, distribute horizontally
Irina Mutt barcelona - 19/09/22

If the logic of the system is hegemony and is located in the center, dissent is peripheral, uncertain. Homologation of thought seeks reassuring answers, commonplaces or binaries, easy antagonisms. But urgent questions are formulated from decentralized positions.

Unlearning is also the ability to jump out of linear time. Remembering, invoking silenced stories. Or, if they have been forgotten, then invent them, jump forward.

Sara Ahmed writes on the blog Feministkilljoys about writer and poet Audre Lorde: “Audre Lorde believed that poetry could be revolutionary because it can move us; it can make us feel, it allows us to be vulnerable. She invites us to be with the difficult feelings; to refuse to be silenced by anger, to speak from anger. To be able to inhabit the despair of knowing that the world you aspire to will not be achieved in your lifetime; the hope of passing this goal on to others.”

Changing reality is a hopeless struggle. We already know that "it is easier to imagine the end of the world than that of capitalism". But we also know that the world has already ended many times, in many places and for many people. And anyway, if another system is impossible, is there anything more interesting than wishing for the impossible?

The fifteenth edition of Documenta is in charge of the Ruangrupa collective, and the general theme revolves around the idea of lumbung , an Indonesian word that could be directly translated as "rice granary". It refers to the collective pot or accumulative system where crops produced by a community are stored as a shared resource. It's about generosity and empathy.

According to Ruangrupa, the need for lumbung in this time of upheaval is paramount, and it is clear that we cannot afford to prepare. We need to act as soon as possible. We all need to be more inclusive with the different lives we lead. Caring for each other and mental health awareness are important topics. Productivity and efficiency cannot be the only benchmarks for measuring success.

Documenta is not a periphery, nor is it located on the margins of the story. It's system, discourse, art world, money and resources, all very hardcore . But it is still interesting to see where the eyes are moving. How the centers, the individual figures and the binarisms are overflowing.

Other gestures and stories are emerging, dismantling the idea that there is only one possible way of doing things, of understanding things. Passing possible worlds to those to come, to those that are already there but have not yet arrived. And also celebrate those who were there before and passed us the possibility of other worlds.

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