Assumption Mateu and Pep Camps inaugurate an exhibition at Calonge Castle

Assumption Mateu and Pep Camps inaugurate an exhibition at Calonge Castle
bonart san antonio de calonge - 03/08/22

From August 6 at 7:00 p.m., you can visit the two exhibitions that the Calonge Castle is hosting this August and which are those of the artists Assumpció Mateu and Pep Camps.

On the one hand, the artist Assumption Mateu exhibits his latest work called Feeling Nature and the Universe , which is a proposal that shows the connection we have with the universe. His work has evolved, from I and we, to the world and the universe. From the search for origins and the connection with nature to the last series where he expands the connection to the universe; Feeling the nature and the Universe.

With the Mediterranean stage, the artist delved into the cultures that are part of our sea, and their origins, such as that of the written word and human civilization and the symbology shared between these cultures. Then, with The Burnt Forest , he showed us the parallel between the loss of nature and the loss of human life. Then, he entered a work process directly related to nature and its life cycles, the seasons, natural processes.

Now, with Feeling Nature and the Universe , Mateu goes a step further and shows us the connection we have with the universe. From a seed to the human brain, how all this is connected to a higher design.

In these new works, Assumption Mateu takes us into an almost anthropological study about our connections with the cosmos, about the nature of our planet and beyond. " Feeling Nature and the Universe " represents a step into the artist's imagination, from visual poems to large-format works, made in different periods but directly related.

Paintings, by Pep Camps

The second exhibition is that of Pep Camps, who presents the exhibition titled Paintings , and which is an exhibition that wants to claim, as Camps explains, that painting in these times is an act of resistance. Born in Girona, the work that will be exhibited at the castle ranges from a selection from the Pots d'essences series to an evolution of the Birds series, which in Calonge is transformed into A walk with birds , as well as some of the works grouped under the title Come from the stars , among others.

In this exhibition Pep Camps has been able to bring together his knowledge of materials and pictorial techniques and the use of figuration combined with abstract elements to achieve new realities. Even more, if his artistic language drinks from Western art, Camps is imbued with Eastern thought and conception of the world, and this inevitably transpires in the conception of his work.

In his work Pep Camps has used different materials, always with the will to research and to keep alive the motivation to continue painting and to continue the path of research that leads him to vindicate painting as an act of resistance. Camps has exhibited in different places in Spain, he has also done it internationally, in Bangkok (Thailand), Zurich (Switzerland), Belgium and several cities in France and Italy.

This double exhibition will remain open until September 4, 2022 during the summer hours of the Castle of Calonge.


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