"Tom Carr. From gravity to light" at the Florencio de la Fuente Museum


"Tom Carr. From gravity to light" at the Florencio de la Fuente Museum

bonart requena - 28/07/22

The Florencio de la Fuente Museum presents, from July 22 to October 23, the Tom Carr exhibition. From gravity to light. The exhibition, curated by Joan Gil, is conceived as a retrospective that starts from the works of the late eighties up to the current creation. The exhibition is based on the idea of ​​a sculpture that expands as an exploration of the original form, that moves and develops by invading the created space, be it real or fictitious.

Doctor in sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Barcelona, ​​​​Tom Carr (Tarragona, 1956) joins the artistic scene since the beginning of the 80s with installations where he develops a sculptural production from which he extracts everything the superfluous to achieve a formal simplicity of indisputable strength and beauty.

From 1983 he began to develop, in parallel with the installations, a sculptural work based on architectural figures: towers, stairs, ziggurats, arches... using wood and then painting it. All his work seems to expand formally and conceptually outwards through architectural organizations and elemental geometries that generate energy and symbolism such as the spiral, the circle, the helix or the pyramid.

Carr is one of the most active artists in light installations that brings all the sculptural potential to light. His evolution goes from volumetric creations with heavy materials, through aerial structures, to the latest totally immaterial and ethereal works. Object physicality has given way to light, energy and color, while the forms have been simplified and the smallest elements have been sought.

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