Torrent Pagès inaugurates "Sense fi" in Parc dels Estanys

Torrent Pagès inaugurates "Sense fi" in Parc dels Estanys
bonart platja d'aro - 29/07/22

On July 30 at 8 p.m., Torrent Pagès' large-format temporary sculpture exhibition Sense fi opens in Platja d'Aro's Parc dels Estanys.

This exhibition consists of a total of twelve sculptural pieces, which have been selected with great care and which review the artist's formal and expressive concerns, especially the most recent ones.

From the beginning linked to painting but immediately in search of volume and dynamism, Torrent Pagès plays with transparencies and reflections to break with the conventions of the gaze. His work is characterized by a search for fascination towards the most basic elements that combine the arts: the elements of nature manipulated to suggest new realities. He has particularly influenced the work on water as a sculptural material, making the eddies and their flow an artistic resource intimately linked to his own nature.

With this set, the artist brings us closer to necessarily artistic experiences, all with a unique and exclusive treatment that individualizes them. Beyond the experience itself, they also propose a very suggestive game of symbolism that links with the world of spirituality, introspection or the natural environment. The materials used by the sculptor to create his works are very diverse such as iron, cork, methacrylate, stainless steel or wood, also including water and the technological mechanisms that enable the movement of some pieces

In the words of Alexandre Roa Casellas "Torrent Pagès combines, in short, an intuitive work full of reflected meanings, committed to form and meaning but also, and very especially, to this specific emotion of the artistic language which consists in the discovery of something we have always had in front of our eyes".

Torrent Pagès started in the world of art in the 80s at the hands of the painter Josep Lloveras, who has always considered him "his artistic father". In 1992 he graduated in Fine Arts in Barcelona after having obtained an Erasmus scholarship to go to England. He participated in Josep Guinovart's workshop at the Tecla Sala and in the Sensology workshops of Joan Carles Bayod Serafini at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

From then on, the sculptor began a process of personal and spiritual research that leads him to be interested in world cultures, the mysteries of life and advances in science and health.

Regarding the subject matter of his creations, he focuses on the psychology and mind of the human being, universal archetypes, the secrets of nature, the cosmos, etc...

Since 2004, Torrent Pagès' work has focused on research and the aesthetic incorporation of water, light and sound in sculptures and projects.

Pagès has participated in exhibitions, installations and individual actions all over Catalonia, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and France. He also worked alongside film director Bigas Luna in the exhibition Ingestum, fluids at the IVAM.

This exhibition can be visited until February 12, 2023 from Monday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (July to September) and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (October to February).


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