Inauguration of the triple exhibition "Views of a Collection" in Castell d'Aro and Platja d'Aro

Inauguration of the triple exhibition "Views of a Collection" in Castell d'Aro and Platja d'Aro

The triple exhibition Mirades d'una Col·lecció, an art collection of the Castell d'Aro, Platja d'Aro and Sagaró City Councils, was inaugurated on 9 July. The event began at 7 pm in Castell de Benedormiens-Castell d'Aro and was followed by the speeches of Mayor Maurici Jiménez i Ruiz and the staff of the cultural department of the town hall. Jiménez stressed that this triple exhibition becomes an opportunity to highlight and discover a selection of pieces that belong to the Municipal Art Fund, a fund that has been nurtured after almost 40 years of exhibitions organized by the Department of Culture of the Town Councils of Castell d'Aro, Platja d'Aro and S'Agaró.

Jiménez also wanted to emphasize that “it is a bet for the quality of its protagonists combining more proximity and international look as well as for the diversity of techniques that it embraces from painting, sculpture, tapestry, photography, audiovisuals and the ephemeral facilities. We must also highlight our desire to be present in the memory of lasting by building a testimonial from the catalogs published by the council in each exhibition we open. Finally, the mayor pointed out that “I firmly believe that access to culture is a right, as it dignifies the person and normalizes their inclusion in society, and yes, as Beverly Sills said: Art is the signature of civilization ”and this catalog is a sample of our imprint as a people”.

For her part, the art historian and critic and curator of the exhibition, Conxita Oliver remarked that "visitors to the Benedormiens Castle can find the figurations, realities, magic and subjectivity", while the Masia Bas it hosts the works of artists from informalism and abstraction, up to the most current diversity. The other curator of this exhibition, Juanjo Gallardo, wanted to remember the figure of the sculptor and also participant in the exhibition, Ángel Camino (Valoria la Buena, 1953) who lost his life by sudden death earlier this month. from July in Austria, a country where he was spending his holidays at a friend's house. Camino has been living in Sant Martí Sarroca since 1988. The third exhibition space that was visited on foot at 9 pm was the Parc dels Estanys, which is a large natural area where the grant sculpture is it fuses and dialogues with the landscape. The park also has, since its recent expansion, two wooden domes, multipurpose spaces that were born with the desire to become a new space for the interpretation of nature and culture. Attendees were able to enjoy the large-format sculpture exhibition by Josep Coll, which can be visited until June 17 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The list of artists who have been part of this exhibition are: Josep Albertí, Manel Alvárez, Antoni Amat, Emili Armengol, Olga Andrino, Manel Anoro, Bonaventura Ansón, Xano Armenter, Eduard Arranz-Bravo, Francesc Artigau, Natalio Bayo, Manel Bea, Carles Bros, Angel Camino, Pep Camps, Josep Canals, Xavier Carbonell, Vincenzo Carmenati, Tom Carr, Sílvia Castell, Joaquim Chancho, Manuel Clemente Ochoa, Josep Coll, Quim Corominas, Modest Cuixart, Quim Domene, Agustí Español Viñas, Will Faber, Alberto Fabra, Joaquín Ferrer Millán, Lourdes Fisa, Domènec Fita, Pere Gastó, Margarita Gil Granero, Santiago Gimeno, Alberto Gómez Ascaso, Albert Gonzalo, Josep Grau Garriga, José Guillén Rojas, Pedro Jordán, Dimitri Kosiré, Shigeyoshi Koyama, José Luis Lasala, Anna Lentsch, Robert Llimós, Jaume Malaret, Manuel Marzo-Mart, Marcel Martí, Francesc Martí Rom, Casimir Martínez Tarrassó, Assumpció Mateu, Joan Mateu, Xavier Medina-Campeny, Javier Montesol, Glòria Muñoz, Josep Navarro Vives, Josep Niebla, José Luis Pascual, Antoni Pitxot, August Puig, Joan Puig Manera, Ramon Pujolboira, Lorenzo Quinn, Alberto Reina, Pablo Rey, Pere de Ribot, Martí Rom, Vicente Romero, Jaume Roser, Benet Rossell, Rosa Serra , Josep M.Subirachs, Alvar Suñol, Carles Torrent, Joaquim Ureña, Nori Ushijima, Evarist Vallés, Romà Vallès, Manu Vandereycken, Roberto Vandereycken, Lluís Vilá, Isidre Vilaseca and Ramon Vinyes.

Inauguration of the triple exhibition "Views of a Collection" in Castell d'Aro and Platja d'Aro Peces de llum de Tom Carr a la Masia Mas de Platja d’Aro

Screening of Tom Carr and dinner in an outdoor tent

At 10 pm, the participants went to Masia Bas to continue visiting the exhibition. On the outskirts of the Masia, the Town Hall set up an outdoor tent where a cold dinner was served and then a projection of the light pieces by the contemporary plastic artist Tom Carr. With these pieces, which dialogue with the architecture, buildings and spaces of the Castle of Benedormiens, the Masia Bas and the Parc dels Estanys, the artist wanted to bring to light all the power and strength of sculpture.

According to Conxita Oliver, “these are interventions that symbolically permeate the whole space and call for immersion in it as a transforming experience of a living, present and continuous memory. The reddish chromatic ranges, associated with energy, generate a renewed empathy in our unconscious "and referring to the evolution of Carr's works, Oliver added" the artist goes through volumetric works with common materials until the last works, totally immaterial and ethereal. Object taxation has given way to light, energy and color, the structures have been simplified, looking for the minimum elements ”.

Tom Carr (Tarragona, 1956) is a professor at the Escola Massana in Barcelona and has taught at the School of Visual Arts in New York. At the end of the event, the commemorative catalog was delivered to all attendees. It must be said that the organization of the event provided a bus service that served to make the transfer between the cultural facilities and return to Castell d'Aro once the evening ended. According to protocol rules, most attendees incorporated a red piece into the wardrobe. The exhibition can be visited, with free admission, at the Castle of Benedormiens until August 7 and at the Masia Bas until September 11 (Tuesday-Friday from 18:00 to 21:00 hours and weekends and holidays from 11:00 to 13:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00); and in the Parc dels Estanys on a permanent basis, coinciding with its opening hours to the public (8:00 to 21:00).


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