"ArtUnites - Horizon +30" to the Horizon Gallery


"ArtUnites - Horizon +30" to the Horizon Gallery

bonart cholera - 12/07/22
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The Horizon Gallery presents from July 21 to August 18 two exhibitions that, with the generic name of ArtUnites - Horizon +30, commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Horizon Gallery. The first exhibition will be retrospective, will present a collection of works published by the gallery during these years: posters, catalogs, publications and graphic work. The second exhibition is collective and brings together thirty works by artists who have exhibited in the gallery and who have created work especially for this occasion.

The participating artists are Àlex Nogué, Jaume Amigo, Silvia Lerin, Enrique Brinkmann, Enric Ansesa, Takesada Matsutani, Gabriel, Rafa Forteza, Arranz-Bravo, Natasha Lebedeva, Xavier Escribà, Yoshi Zenitani, Philippe Soussan, Andre Martus, Ferran Gimenez, Steve Silver, Kate Van Houten, Yoon-Hee, Genia Chef, Victor Ramirez, Ralph Bernabei, Jordi Alcaraz, Hiro Matsuoka, Bernard Borgeaud, Sabine Friesicke, James Klosty, Peter Downsbrough, Buzz McCall, Riera and Arago, Dai. The sculptor Gabriel has generated for the occasion a work of art commemorating 30 years consisting of 11 pieces + 3P.A listed and signed. The sculptures will be made of aluminum and will be produced at the Foneria Art Buxadé i Campanes in Banyoles.

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