The MNAC organizes the solidarity conference "Museums in danger!"

The MNAC organizes the solidarity conference "Museums in danger!"
bonart barcelona - 09/05/22

The National Art Museum of Catalonia organizes on May 12 at 6.30 pm. a solidarity conference. Thanks to the collaboration with the Red Cross, the total amount raised with this activity will go to the reception and integration of refugees and applicants for international protection who arrive in Catalonia, due to the conflict in Ukraine.

Under the title Museums in Danger! we will be asked questions such as: how has cultural and artistic heritage become a hostage of the enemies facing it? How is this heritage used as a weapon of punishment or blackmail? How does International Humanitarian Law protect cultural property in an armed conflict?

The historians Mireia Capdevila and Francesc Vilanova, and the expert on human rights and international cooperation of the Red Cross in Catalonia, Alexandra Gabarró, will try to answer these questions and accompany us to reflect on the images of the Ukrainian war, which they have put two sides of the same coin back on the table, as we saw in the exhibition The Museum in Danger! Safeguarding and tidying up Catalan art during the civil war (1936-1939) organized by the Museum: on the one hand the destruction of the aggressors and, on the other, the task of safeguarding museums, libraries or centers of art, etc.

During the session, led by museologist and art historian Damià Amorós, we will have the opportunity to listen to Victoria Tissot, one of the artists behind the VESNA (Spring) project, which is hosted by the National Museum. This initiative is a window open to artists who have stayed in Ukraine, hoping for peace.

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