"(De) Construcción" by Béatrice Bizot at Anquin's Art Gallery


"(De) Construcción" by Béatrice Bizot at Anquin's Art Gallery

bonart reus - 05/05/22

The Anquins Art Gallery opens on May 6 at 7:30 p.m. the exhibition by Béatrice Bizot, (De) Construcción, which brings together her latest sculptures made of bronze and cement, a characteristic material in her production, which allows her to express human fragility by highlighting the contrast between the beauty of its classic faces and the forcefulness of a material linked to construction and architecture.

The presentation of the exhibition will be given by Manel Margalef, director of the Museum of Modern Art of the Tarragona Provincial Council, who writes in the exhibition catalog: “Two years of pandemic, marked by the Vila Seca Memorial project, they have given Béatrice the opportunity to continue deepening her personal project and to be reunited with her new space. A turbulent period, in which he has not lost sight of the erratic movements that have taken place, as well as the disorders of this contemporary world that, as a snapshot, has allowed him to reflect the lived coexistence of this latent silence, with the brutality of the moment. His work, based mainly on the symbiosis of the body and architecture, awakens and confronts on this occasion, the poignant sensations of mutation as a mechanism of contradiction where, that impasse between destruction and construction, as one of the inescapable factors of the human condition, it allows it in a two-way way, to echo those other more intimate and personal issues that worry her ... ".

In recent years, the Anquins Gallery has exhibited the sculptures of Béatrice Bizot (Milan, 1966) at international fairs in Europe and the United States with great success. Born in Milan, of French nationality, Béatrice Bizot has lived in Tarragona for 18 years. In the city of Tarragona there is a good representation of the artist's public works, the best known being the one in the Serrallo. It should be noted that Vilaseca City Council has recently installed a magnificent sculpture by Béatrice Bizot in the Parc de la Riera, "The Gates of Memory" in honor of the victims of the Civil War in Vila-seca.

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