"Physis" in the Medol. Center for Contemporary Arts

"Physis" in the Medol. Center for Contemporary Arts
bonart tarragona - 29/04/22

The collective exhibition Physis , in collaboration with the artistic project Cultura Verda and which can be visited until May 15, reflects on individual responsibility for the climate emergency. Curated by the Tarragona artist Freya Day, the Physis exhibition puts the symbolic power of art at the service of environmental awareness and preservation. Through denunciation and metaphor, the show raises a deep reflection on individual responsibilities and the impact that people have on the transformations of the natural environment. The montage brings together the views of artists who talk about specific problems in the environment, and a vision that goes beyond the local framework to respond to great universal challenges.

The group exhibition is made up of works by Jordi Abelló, Àlvar Calvet, Albert Macaya, Núria Rion, Roser Oduber, Roger Caparó, Sergi Quiñonero, Aureli Ruiz and the curator herself, Freya Day. It is a group of established authors from the territory, of different generations, referents and with projection, which gives the sample a remarkable plastic diversity through various media. In this sense, according to Freya Day, Physis raises "the catalytic effect of art on the widespread concern of society for the conservation of the environment."

Photo: Tjerk van der Meulen

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