Bombon Projects participates in the Material Fair Mexico

Bombon Projects participates in the Material Fair Mexico
bonart cdmx - 27/04/22

From April 28 to May 1, Bombon Projects participates in the Feria Material México in collaboration with the Gallery Embajada. The booth D7 Bombon Projects will present the work of Mari Eastman, Aldo Urbano and Josep Maynou.

Eastman's work stems from a pictorial study of images derived from fashion magazines, decorative objects, and depictions of popular figures, which intertwine with personal narratives. Through this, and as Eastman says, he breaks down and questions the heavy legacy that fell on his shoulders the moment he decided to paint.

On the other hand, Josep Maynou's multidisciplinary approach unites as a form of contemporary storytelling that goes beyond traditional art formats, often leading to installations in places such as TV repair shops, private apartments. , abandoned spaces, laundries or second hand shops. Carpets, such as posters or lights, inevitably transfigure as they enter space. of contemporary art but, once again, they become everyday objects and props for their performances.

Finally, Aldo Urbano presents his works as if they were a riddle, as the artist explains. "Although its surface seems obvious, it is also impenetrable. We only see clues, keys to interpret the hidden enigma, encoded in symbols that for their simplicity refer to both the smallest particle and the unattainable universe."

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