"The whole world is a theater" by Artur Ramon Art

"The whole world is a theater" by Artur Ramon Art
bonart barcelona - 16/03/22

Artur Ramon Art opens on March 17 The whole world is a theater, curated by José A. Aristizábal and which can be visited until April 29, 2022.

The interest of this exhibition lies in recognizing how the artist, conscious or not, has used theatrical elements to make his work, to find his own voice, which has inevitably led us to find a new reading. of some pieces. This exhibition also includes various languages: painting, sculpture, engraving, photography and objects - such as the masks of the Noh Theater in Japan - and is organized around three thematic axes: costumes, characterizations and sets.

The whole world is a theater that includes works by renowned artists in an extensive timeline that dates back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries - with Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Eugenio Lucas Velázquez and Ricard Urgell - crosses the twentieth century - with Nicolau Raurich, Joan Ponç, Modest Cuixart, Mariano Andreu, Antoni Clavé - to the point of contemporaneity with Frederic Amat, Leopold Samsó and Mihail Moldoveanu.

The selection also includes works made as part of theatrical projects: drawings, specific plans for staging, sketches of sets and costumes that, in addition to their artistic value, stand out for their historical and documentary content.

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