The Tàpies Foundation inaugurates "Goshka Macuga. On the Move"

The Tàpies Foundation inaugurates "Goshka Macuga. On the Move"
bonart - barcelona - 14/03/22

The Tàpies Foundation presents the Goshka Macuga exhibition. En Moviment, curated by Neus Miró and which can be visited from March 16 to September 25. The title of the show, Goshka Macuga. In motion it alludes precisely to the constant circulation of images, of referents, of stories, and to the necessary revision of all that we inherit and that is familiar to us. Both the materials it includes (own and archival) and its layout in the exhibition space aim to re-signify and reformulate the established narratives.

The work of Goshka Macuga (Warsaw, 1967) reviews the relationship between art, power and inherited stories about facts and characters in history. His work connects different areas and methods of research, and his research is often related to institutional narratives; Macuga proposes unconventional associative readings of social and political events.

The Goshka Macuga exhibition. In motion brings together three major installations especially significant in the artist's career: Plus Ultra (2009), The Nature of the Beast (2010) and Untitled (2011). In the center of each of these facilities is a tapestry around which other works and documents are also articulated. The tapestry, used in the past by political and ecclesiastical elites, is reclaimed by Macuga as an artistic discipline for its political and propagandistic connotations.

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