"Twenty faces and three crowds" at the Suñol Foundation

"Twenty faces and three crowds" at the Suñol Foundation
bonart barcelona - 02/03/22

The Suñol Foundation presents, until April 8, In three events. Twenty faces and three crowds, an exhibition triptych curated in collaboration with Valentín Roma accompanied by a set of public programs that aims to show what are the plot lines of the Suñol Soler Collection and with what artistic and historical horizons was created . Before a lot of still pieces, a collection is also - or is above all - a kind of register of intensities, a way of approaching art with the arguments of each specific moment but at the same time with the questions. which anticipate still latent views.

The third and final act, Twenty Faces and Three Crowds, delves into the great iconographic motif of art, the element that questions chronologies and brings to the present the plausibility of all the past: the human face through the works by Rosa Amorós, Eduardo Arroyo, Richard Avedon, Roman Buxbaum, Pep Duran, Fred Forest, Pablo Gargallo, Juan Genovés, Juli González, Luis Gordillo, José P. Jardiel, Ouka Leele, Robert Llimós, Robert Mapplethorpe, Antoni Miralda, Inge Morath, Antoni Muntadas, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Pablo Picasso, Joan Ponç, Darío Villalba, Andy Warhol, Zush / Evru.

The face is a memory and is also a literature of what has been lived. The experience is written and the future is intuited. A face that looks anxiously demands that we decipher it. A face that hides its appearance seems to manage what its certainties are.

"Twenty faces and three crowds traverse the Suñol Soler Collection pursuing a mcguffin: the face understood as an apotheosis or apocalypse of art, the faces that give us back certain teachings; among others, that the least common A multiple of aesthetic contemplation is to feel curiosity, to lead the face towards a collective use, highlighting the differences - and also erasing them if necessary - between what we are and what is seen ", writes Valentín Roma.

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