The Equitum tile, 2021 Golden Yearbook Award

The Equitum tile, 2021 Golden Yearbook Award
bonart la bisbal d'empordà - 02/03/22

The tile Equitum, designed and produced by Limón Studio for the Terracotta Museum, has won the Anuaria d'Or 2021 award: Anuaria Miscellaneous Award at the National Graphic Design Awards: Anuaria, awarded by Veredictas. Limón is a graphic design and ceramic product studio in La Bisbal d'Empordà formed by Mar Marcelino as a designer and technician of ceramic products, and Daniel Peris in graphic design and art direction.

This lattice is made up of 3D printing in clay with locally developed pastes and is part of the III Terracotta Museum Exhibition Book which collects the catalogs of the exhibitions produced by the equipment from the end of 2020 to the end of 2022. 3D printing in ceramics marked the ceramic environment of La Bisbal in 2020, with news such as the acquisition of a 3D potter printer, the Terracotta Biennial and all the activities, synergies and proposals that have been generated around it. Equitum was created as a witness to this whole project and its production was done with the Museum's 3D printer. The design and printing of the piece is by Mar Marcelino and Daniel Peris de Limón, and the graphic design of Pere Àlvaro's catalog.

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